View Full Version : Trot to Walk Stubborn Pony Update

Oct. 3, 2011, 07:24 PM
Just wanted to share an update from this thread


We took a trip (at my trainers suggestion) to ride with another trainer. This trainer right away diagnosed our problem and we worked on it for the lesson. She said short thicked necked horses can be a bit harder to break at the poll. What my pony was doing was putting her nose to the outside thus locking her poll and her jaw and setting her desired tempo. The trainer showed me how to use my shoulder and body mechanics to keep the pony from leaning on me.
Once I have her supple and broken at the poll I was able to easily control transitions and tempo. She gets a little pissy about it but with each ride she is becoming better and not protesting so much about it. I feel like we our finally making progress:)