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Aug. 17, 2011, 03:57 PM
Anybody uses it? Like it? Hate it?

Would like to hear what everybody has to say about it. It's the same price for the SLK model between platinum tree and the regular tree but has the benefit of exchangeable tree but I'm wondering whether there is any drawback to it.



Aug. 17, 2011, 06:12 PM
Hi, Gloria!

Your friend hrsmstr here in Washington State! I'm still saddle hunting, but a friend of mine has an Albion Platinum. She is short-legged, and she adores her Platinum. She's currently using it on her Lipizzaner, Sigi (check him out on DreamHorse, oh boy, can he move!) who is um, I think he's 15.1. I would try her Platinum but it is far too small seated for me. Give it a try, it looks like a dandy saddle!

Aug. 17, 2011, 07:05 PM
Hi hrsmstr,

Sigi is a monster comparing to my boy, who claims to be, umm, 14.3? lol. Well, my husband swore him to be 14.1 but I refuse to believe it. :cool: He simply does not look like a, well, pony, you know what I mean?

I'm nervous about plugging so much money into yet another new saddle :(. I got my brand new BC only two years ago, swearing up and down it was my last saddle and I wouldn't get another until I kick bucket (my husband just rolled his eyes saying he would believe it when he saw it). Well, he knew me to a T: it is my last saddle until I finally decide I can no longer stand it. Anyway, I got extra claim this year, since it is our 10 years anniversary, and instead of eating out, vacation, new car, or jewelry, I'm getting a new saddle:lol:

Aug. 19, 2011, 04:20 PM
I have the Albion SLK Platinum Genesis and it's a great saddle. It rides slightly different then the regular SLK model. It's very comfortable and has a deap non-restrictive seat. Something to keep in mind when buying one is that they run big. I ride in an 18" seat in other saddles including the regular SLK. The 17.5" Platinum actually measures 18.5" and rides like an 18". You need to go 1/2 size smaller then you normally would ride in.

Also, some Albion Saddlers will not swap out the tree or panels on these saddles. You should check with who ever does your area and ask them if they work on the Platinum model. Mine does but I've heard from others that some of the Albion Reps won't do it. Not sure why. My saddler does it on site.

I do love the saddle but you should test ride one first. If you go to the website fineusedsaddles.com there are some on this site. I purchased mine through this website and the saddle was like new for $2,400....and it came with it's warrantee from Albion. I also was able to have a trial period. Wonderful company to work with.

Aug. 19, 2011, 04:34 PM

Thank you for the info! They are very helpful. I did not realize they ride differently from the regular tree - certainly did not know they ran big. I just thought they were the adjustable version of regular SLK. The one I tested on was a regular tree and I loved it.

And also thank you for the info on fineusedsaddles.com. I just called them for inquiry. They currently don't have any that is available for trail for me (all are out) but they will call me when/if one is available. I really doubt they will have my size (need short flaps) but maybe I will get lucky, or at least have something to try before I plug in any money.:)

Aug. 19, 2011, 09:42 PM
They are a great saddle. I honestly do like my regular SLK slightly better then the Platinum but I love them both. I have no trouble switching from one to the other. The difference that I feel between the two of them is that the Platinum feels like it is pushing my leg back slightly rather then my leg just comfortably hanging down. That being said, it is actually easier for me to sit back in the Platinum (I have a bad habit of leaning forward....x hunter rider!). I seem to just sit back in the Platinum naturally, where I have to think about sitting back in the SLK. I need to combine the two saddles....LOL!:lol:

There is also a seller on Ebay, The Dressage Connection, that has 100% positive feedback and sells top of the line dressage saddle for the cheapest prices I've ever seen. They just recently had an Albion SLK Platinum 18" w/wide tree for $1,600. I don't think it sold and it was a regular flap. If you get on Ebay, you can check out their inventory. They give you a trial period, free shipping and no restocking fee if you send the saddle back. I don't know anyone who's bought from them but the feedback is good. I would certainly try them. $1,600 is rediculously cheap for this saddle in excellent used condition. I was tempted to pick it up because of the cheap pricing (I need a 3rd saddle like a hole in the head), but the 18" seat would have been too big for me.

Aug. 19, 2011, 10:36 PM
Gloria, There is an Albion Platinum 17.5", wide tree, short flap on Ebay for $2,400. RiverDance

Aug. 20, 2011, 01:13 AM
I have an Albion Platinum Genesis last November. I didn't necessarily need the adjustable tree, but the saddle fit me and my horse like a glove so I bought it. I've had it adjusted once and need to get it done again to bump up the back.

If you expect your horse to change significantly, then it should be worth the extra money. But remember that flocking adjustments can make a dramatic difference and are less expensive than swapping out the tree.

Aug. 20, 2011, 03:57 PM
Equestrian Imports (http://www.equestrianimports.com/shop/used-saddles/used-saddles.html?PHPSESSID=5f8725c6d919a3e7cacc5479f96 f19c5) always seems to have a few Albions in their used saddles.

You might also want to consider their saddle rental program if you find that you initially love a saddle & then start to dislike it more with every ride ... the rental program would allow you a more thorough test of the saddle & would likely cost less than buying & selling saddles.

Aug. 20, 2011, 11:50 PM
I had an Albion Platinum Genesis for a while, and it worked well for one of my horses that had narrower withers and was more narrow all around, even though it was set for a MW tree. When I put it on my younger warmblood, he HATED that saddle, even though I had one highly recommended fitter say that it fit him just fine.

If you feel under the panels, you will see that the stirrup bars are placed at an angle such that they will dig into the muscles along the horse's spine. It's not at all a good choice for a horse with a flatter back. The SL trees are better for that, and the SLK trees have more of a curve which is better suited for TB types. Colleen at Advanced Saddle Fit could talk your ear off all day long about why the Genesis models are a huge step backward for Albion.

As for having the saddle adjusted, it would have been very hard to get it done. I also positively swam in the Platinum Genesis, in a 17" seat, to the point I couldn't even sit my baby horse's canter. I switched to a Detente Isis for him, also a 17" seat, and it's working nicely for both of us.

Good luck!

Aug. 21, 2011, 10:57 PM
Hi hrsmstr,

this year, since it is our 10 years anniversary, and instead of eating out, vacation, new car, or jewelry, I'm getting a new saddle:lol:

Happy Anniversary and I can't think of a better gift...my husband says he's glad he married a woman who is so easy to shop for...'some leather doodad from the tack shop keeps her happy'.

Aug. 22, 2011, 07:25 PM
Thank you all for the feedback! I talked to Carol (she is the Albion rep I have been working with) in regard to issues that are raised here (seat size, feel, etc). She is contacting other reps to get their opinions and she is going to hunt down a Platinum for me to try on. So hopefully I will hear something from her soon.

aWp, you raised some very interesting points, The stirrup bars thing is something important but of course something I never thought of checking... ummm... My horse has kind of curvy back and so I was told that the SLK would fit him better.

CelticRiverDance, thank you for pointing out that eBay listing:). The price of $2400 for a four years old regular leather saddle is sort of steep though, especially if I can get one custom made to the tracings made for my horse for like $2600~$2800? But that one looks promising so I will keep an eye out and see whether they will drop the price:D

alto, thank you for the link. I just checked it and they won't appear to have Platinum listed. But I will get back from time to time to see whether any comes up.

LarkspurCO, the SLK is the same price for both regular tree and platinum tree. All my horses are Morgans so I'd imaging I will probably not need to go to the extreme of changing trees but in case I need to sell it in the future, being adjustable might give me just a wider buyer base. Of course that is under the big assumption that I will like the Platinum. lol.

Now I'm getting all anxious. Who knew a plain saddle shopping can be soooo complicated? sigh.

Aug. 22, 2011, 07:32 PM
Happy Anniversary and I can't think of a better gift...my husband says he's glad he married a woman who is so easy to shop for...'some leather doodad from the tack shop keeps her happy'.

Thank you. Neither can I :lol: My husband knows if he stays within horsey thing, he can't go wrong. Let me see... One year I got a new girth; the other year I got a pair of half chaps; last year I got a pair of tall boots for christmas; and then the year prior I got a saddle pad (nice one by the way).

I told him that he was an incredibly lucky man to marry to someone so easily served:cool: Otherwise, I really don't know what he should get me: For us, everything we need/want we already buy for ourselves. We don't wait for a special events to get stuff. And everything we want but can't afford, well, still can't afford whether it's an anniversary or not:lol: