View Full Version : I'm going to Haras du Pin! FEI world Cup!

Aug. 10, 2011, 09:49 AM
Can't wait to be there! :yes::yes:


I'll be a volunteer and work my a** off!!! ( I hope I'll get to script for one of the dressage judges....)

Can't wait to see Mark Todd, Aurélien Khan, Alex Hua Tian, Clayton Fredericks (will he rock the place at night with his band?), Jean Lou Bigot, Arnaud Boiteau, Jean Teulère and all the good riders!

Aug. 10, 2011, 11:24 AM
Grats! I bet you will have a fantastic time.

Aug. 11, 2011, 06:39 AM
Thanks! I'm really excited! Leaving on sunday night, I'll get to stay in Paris for 2 days before I drive to the show ground!

It will be amazing, especially since the show is being held at the Haras.
And I've been asked to write a paper on it for our equestrian federation's magazine!