View Full Version : Gymnastic Idea's for the overjumper?

Hey Mickey
Aug. 9, 2011, 08:55 PM
I'm looking for idea's for some gymnastic lines to do with my guy.

He doesn't quite know what to do with his body of larger jumps(3ftish), so he just kind of throws his body over them and jumps huge.... Like over the standards big(jump standards are 4ft)

What I would like to start working on is teaching him to jump in the realm of having a somewhat normal arc.
He has kind of a different jumping style to begin with, when he gets it together and it feels "good"(he bounces off the ground and floats up) he jumps with his butt higher in the air.
He likes to add strides, and he is getting quite good at figuring out what to do with his feet.

I have done placing poles in front and behind the jumps and that does seem to help.
He is a 6 year old OTTB, he has 1 novice under his belt, and is still pretty green to jumping.


Aug. 9, 2011, 09:45 PM
101 Jumping Exercises is a great book to own - I opened it up and they have about 23 exercises they recommend for over-jumping, lol. Most of the exercises are just basic gymnastics with ground poles - they go on to say just to focus a lot of your work over ground poles on the flat and frequent low jump gymnastics - the fences and strides don't matter - just repeat often!

So basically 3 ground poles to a cross rail one stride to a vertical one stride to a vertical and any variable inbetween. Add an oxer in the middle or the end, change the one stride to bounces, or make it one stride to a two stride, add jumps so you have more than 3, etc. Some more advanced ones are ground poles to a crossrail bounce, one stride to a oxer, two strides to a vertical, one stride to a vertical. The more they learn about jumping they realize they don't have to put so much effort into just one jump.

Have fun designing your gymnastic lines - PM me if you want any of the specific gymnastic lines!