View Full Version : Please help me fix slippery round pen footing. Fiber?

Dutch Lovin' Dressage Rider
Aug. 9, 2011, 03:03 PM
Had to take out all footing in one of my round pens. Older one about 8 yrs old. Excavator removed footing and exposed base of 3/4 gravel with a light asphalt crust. Problem: removing all of old compacted footing also removed marriage layer between base and final footing. Added newer footing back in. Now slippery because transitioning traction layer missing. Footing is mix of river sand, a bit of rubber, and a tiny bit of fiber.

What should I add? Fiber to bind footing? Where to get fiber and what kind? Maybe a did layer - of what? REALLY need this round pen since its closer to outdoor and house barn. Other pen back by indoor and barn.