View Full Version : Denny and Safety Equipment

Aug. 5, 2011, 02:41 PM
Quoting May's update on Denny via Eventing Nation, "He sends his best to everyone & hopes that they all will wear the appropriate safety gear that's available now."

Now that got me to wondering... if he had been wearing an air vest (which I am pretty sure that he wasn't) would it have prevented a fractured vertebrae in the neck?

I add to the many well wishes to Denny for a speedy recovery. I am hoping that somebody will get him a computer screen that can be mounted high on the wall so that he can entertain himself (and us) in the upcoming long three months!

Aug. 5, 2011, 03:28 PM
I don't know the circumstances of Denny's fall, but I'm inclined to say that no, an air vest would not have prevented it. Air vests aren't rigid structures. Deformable (sp) structures do just that, deform, so I can't see how it would have prevented injury. Also, if Denny were plopped down on his head, any vest may have offered no protection at all, I would think.