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Jul. 30, 2011, 07:46 AM
Is anyone familiar with this breed? I'd like to know more about them, but can't find anything that isn't written in german.

Jul. 30, 2011, 08:43 AM
The Sachsen Warmblood or Sachsen Anhaltiner comes from eastern Germany & they are a rare warmblood breed.

The breeding association was established in 1944, at a time when the only studbooks were for coldblooded or heavy warmblooded animals. The marching on of the 20th century saw a rapid decline in the breeding of draft animals and conversely an increase in the demand for warmblood sport type animals. Using smaller, desert breeds the area of Saxony-Anhalt began breeding smaller, lighter warmblood animals & within 20 years breeding of the heavier type ceased altogether.
(from http://www.theequinest.com/breeds/sachsen-warmblood )

another website you may look into: http://www.dsp-pferde.eu/sachsen-anhaltiner_en.html

Saxony-Anhalt Warmblood
The Saxony-Anhalt Warmblood originated 1944th The aim was to develop a refined warm blood that should be in the Hanoverian type. It was only after 1960 once again began the breeding of fine hot blood.
General information on Saxony-Anhalt Warmblood
With the cross breeding of Trakehner, successful English Thoroughbreds and horse stud farms in Eastern Germany, this objective was achieved. The Saxony-Anhalt presents itself in the hot blood of 160 Height - cm 170th The medium-sized head has a straight or slightly concave profile. The lean, muscular neck is well set on the broad chest. Cannon bones and joints are strong and dry. The totality of body size is well proportioned. Colors as foxes, brown, gray and black horses are allowed. In eventing or horse carriage driving, however these are rarely to be found. In recent years, the Saxony-Anhalt Warmblood got an appreciation in the context of the German sport horse breeding in the eastern main-land and studs.
Characteristics of Saxony-Anhalt Warmblood
Saxony-Anhalt are balanced, courageous and ambitious. Success in dressage and show jumping are an expression of a successful breeding. As a recreational horse they are also very popular.

(From http://www.tierarten.net/pferde/warmblutrassen/sachsen-anhaltiner-warmblut.html used google translate! )

Jul. 30, 2011, 02:53 PM
nice translation, but generally speaking (1944 was the last twitching of WWII which hit that area pretty hard)

After 1945 all horses in Eastern germany were bred under a single name. heavy or drafts under one, riding types under 'Edles Warmblut' and branded with the arrow and the snake (squiggly line on the arrow) which is now the brand of Brandenburg.

The registries did only separate again after the wall came down, in the 90s.

generally speaking, i think they use the same mix of blood lines everybody else uses. hannoveranians, holsteiner, Trakkies, a dash of TB....

It might be an econo0mical alternative to a western bred WB with similar bloodlines (yes, they are all the same country now, but han, hol and westphalian tend to command higher prices due to the brand.)

Kelly in NJ
Jul. 30, 2011, 03:35 PM
There is one at my barn right now, and he is wonderfully athletic.

He is by a Hanoverian sire, but is registered Sachsen-Anhaltiner.

I would say that you could check into the bloodlines, and most likely you will find a Hanoverian, Oldenburg, etc. approved sire or dam.

BTW, the horse at my barn (not owned by me) is for sale, if someone wanted a great deal, like, a really ridiculous great deal, on a horse with Grand Prix talent and potential. Hope that doesn't count as advertising, but it's not my horse so I don't stand to benefit.