View Full Version : Area IV's Heritage Park Novice 3-Day & Training 3-Day Entry Deadline

Jul. 26, 2011, 11:31 PM
Uh Oh! You've been clamoring for Novice Level 3-Day event, you've wanted to run a Training 3-Day for years...and you missed the closing date for the Heritage Park Novice 3-Day and Training 3-Day....

MACTA is offering One Last Chance! Entries postmarked July 27th will be accepted for the 3-Day Event. The 3-Day will not run with less than 15 entries. Entries will be refunded if the 3-Day is canceled due to lack of entries.

Experience the thrill of steeplechase and the nerve-releasing enjoyment of roads and tracks before stepping into the startbox. Don't miss this wonderful experience for horse and rider.

Visit the MACTA (Mid-America Combined Training Association) Facebook page for photos of the XC Courses, and don't forget the new and improved water complex to be unveiled at the August event.

3-Day Qualifications: