View Full Version : professional grooming, and what not to forget.

Jul. 23, 2011, 02:42 PM
okay, help me not be nervous ... i have an interview as a groom for a fancy dressage farm and i dont want to be too nervous and screw it up. i really can do anything (braid, clip, bandage, IV/IM injections, lunge, ride, etc) and i currently manage a big 90+horse farm (with very small staff) so its not a question of capability, but i just dont want to forget anything.

so ... tips? reminders? i showed and groomed for my trainer a few years ago, and braided and everything, so its there, but with nerves it could easily leave.

so far, im reminding myself;
wipe down legs, wipe bit and bridle, keep everything super clean and be extra-OCD ...

also, proper attire ? im planning on: nice jeans, nice, clean barn shoes, belt, nice horsey polo shirt or collared/zip collar shirt, hair in pony tail.

Elegante E
Jul. 23, 2011, 03:05 PM
Remember to breathe!

Be observant of how things are done on that particular farm and that asking specific questions shows you care. Good luck!

Jul. 23, 2011, 03:12 PM
You might also want to ask about expectations at that specific barn. Do they want baths after every ride, or just a rub down? Etc, etc., Observe how they do things and try to emulate that, only do it better ;) Best of luck!!

Jul. 23, 2011, 03:17 PM
Read the barn's web site before your interview. Make sure you ask some questions about this farm specifically, even if they are just general questions. Be able to give specific examples of how you were able to do certain things - even bring pictures if you have them.

Know who you will give as your references and make sure you have asked your references in advance if it is OK to use them as such. Have all your references' contact information at hand.

Have an idea what you want as far as $$$ and other benefits/perks.

I have no idea what the proper dress is for a groom's job, but to me, I would wear khakis and a nice horsey shirt, not jeans. All clean of course.

Good luck!!!

Jul. 23, 2011, 03:29 PM
Calm down!

You've done it before, you can do it!

Do what they are asking you to do. Try not to over do.
Ask questions if you are not sure of anything. Better be safe than sorry!

If you realise you do things differently, try at first to do them their way!
(then, when you are hired, you can start 'changing' little things your way.)

Be polite, let them talk and listen. Sometimes, when nervous some tends to talk to much or say weird things... :) Take your time!

Good luck! :)

Jul. 23, 2011, 06:01 PM
Wipe riders' boots before they go into the ring. Carry a lint roller with you and use if necessary to catch stray hairs. Keep horses and humans well-hydrated. Just be generally helpful and attentive. You'll do fine. :)

Jul. 23, 2011, 06:14 PM
Anyone can learn the skills required to be a decent groom. What sets a great groom apart is attention to detail, compassion for the horses in their care, and great communication skills. I'm assuming you wouldn't be applying for this position if you weren't passionate so just let that passion show in a professional manner.

Jul. 23, 2011, 08:26 PM
What has always helped me in job interviews: remember that it is a two-way interaction. You are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. There is always the possibility that you could walk out of there thinking, "you know, even if they offered me the job, I don't think I want to work there!" Use the opportunity to ask them questions about the job, their expectations, and their business. Even if this is a dream job that you 100% want, approaching it this way can help you stay focused and ask insightful questions that demonstrate both your abilities and interest.