View Full Version : Truck vs. Construction Cones: a driving adventure.

Jul. 23, 2011, 12:01 PM
Yesterday, I bit the bullet and brought in my year's worth of hay--5 tons of bright green orchard/alfalfa, my hay guy assures me is worth the exorbitant cost.

All was fine, I use two trucks and a hired teenage stacking crew. I drive back and forth from the hay guy's farm, they unload whilst I trundle back the 10 miles or so for the next load. However....

It is National Motocross Weekend in Washougal! Yay! 40, 000 people descend upon our town to watch the races--I have to use the same road they do to reach the hay. Add in the fact that the main road thru town is being completely redone and is essentially 1.5 lanes wide, but traveled both directions by traffic. Lots of machines, people, cones, beeping and rough pavement.

As I came thru with my first load, the flaggers got a bit big eyed as I squeezed thru the areas they'd made into one lane roads with cones/barrels. I had two tons on my big F350, safely tied down mind you. (100lb. bales). As I approached the last one lane area, creeping along at 15mph, I realized that there was NO WAY I was going to fit thru it. The flaggers eyed me...I eyed them and pointed at the space they'd left me. They just waved me on....so I just shrugged and gritted my teeth and kept on coming. All righty then! Boy, they sure jumped out of the way when I swung the rig a bit to the left to avoid the power pole to squished a cone or two, instead. I tried, I really tried to give them a chance to move those cones and themselves before I made my move.

On my next pass thru town, I noticed they'd made some adjustments to their cone/barrel configuration. :)

I did leave a bit of hay behind, but the load was firm. I'm sure that the huge semis and motor homes that the racers come in also made them shift their cones (and themselves, too!).

Jul. 23, 2011, 12:13 PM
I hear you.
Some years ago we had 7 miles on our way to our vet clinic under construction for several months.
There were times that was a hairraising narrow, bumpy one way road with impatient flaggers, that wanted everyone to "hey, move it!".

We didn't, the trailer was rough enough without bumping over that, rougher than old pasture dirt roads.:(
They did build us a neat, wide road, was worth the inconvenience.:cool:

Glad you didn't bowl any flaggers over.:eek:

Hope you hay is as good as the alfalfa we got last week.
Good feeling to know you have a barn full for winter, is it.:cool:

Jul. 23, 2011, 10:12 PM
Heh. Not long ago I was coming home on a hilly 2 lane (that is, one lane in each direction) road. They were doing construction and had it blocked off - one direction through at a time.

Naturally when they see me coming (2 horse bp with one aboard) they decide not to let me through, so I am the first to be stopped. I wait.

I wait.

I wait.

Did I mention that I was on a hill? A big hill.

A hill I would not park on with a 1500 lb draft cross in the back.

More than 10 minutes go by. Finally, I roll my window down, and tell the flagger that in another 2 minutes, my brakes will give out and i will crush the car behind me.

Excellent look on his face.

They flag me through.

But, honestly, does this sort of thing not occur to them?

Jul. 24, 2011, 12:33 AM
This construction has been going on now for months--they are taking a 4 lane road and turning into a 3 lane (2 directional, center turn lane). Why? No one knows. Will it clog traffic? You betcha!

I was rather gleeful watching them leap backward and seeing the little cone thingies fly. Payback for all the times I've waited, all the bone-crushing bouncing thru giant dips/holes/bad paving.

Yeah, I know they have a boring, potentially dangerous job. But, really, does it never occur to them that my truck is BIG and it is WIDE and has 4000lbs. of hay on it? I laughed. I really did. They deserved it.