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Darcy wants a new career
Jul. 21, 2011, 03:40 PM
Hi. My name is Darcy and I am looking for a job as a working student. If anyone could give me advice or help me out I'd be grateful. I have an older schoolmaster type oldenberg gelding who has done alot of eventing up to preliminary level. I bought him so that I could learn eventing as it is something I have always wanted to do. I live in las vegas and we do not have any eventing here, or many people interested in it. I am a realtor currently here in vegas. I am not happy working lots of hours so that I can have a horse and show and take lessons. I was helping a friend last year part time as a quasi-working student who has many years in the eventing world and was a great teacher. Unfortunately she suffered a major stroke and a ruptured aneurysm, she was in a coma and is making a slow recovery. She will not be able to teach again for a long time. I have decided to pursue a career in horses. I have spent my entire life trying to live up to the great expectation of a fancy house and lots of money. I have not been happy. I have always loved horses and would rather be broke and happy than miserable with a pile of money. I have always had my horses on my property and taken care of them myself since I was 9yrs old and my parents got me my first pony. I am a very competent person and have been self employed the majority of my life. I am fascinated by all thing medical and am well read on nutrition, equine disease, wound and injury care and prevention. I am not an accomplished trainer or rider but I try, listen and am extremely motivated and determined. I raised one little quarter horse from a baby, taught her to lead, pull a cart. do tricks and ride. I made alot of mistakes but I learned from them. I also had a beautiful wacked out ottb that I got with no training other that track training. He had alot of old injuries and was very accident prone. but I did teach him basic dressage and jumping. (with a trainer on the ground) I also spent huge amounts of time with natural horsemanship with him as he was not a mello horse. I have always liked high spirited horses but he took the phrase "hot" to a whole new level. I now have an older scoolmaster so I can learn to ride better. I am showing at training level with high marks and hope to move up to 1st level soon. I am jumping small courses and learning to steer, jump get to the right spot all at once ect.. I am showing at the hopeful jumper level 2'6" at local shows. I would like to someday become a competent trainer and teach students. I have alot to learn and am willing to do all the work necessary to achieve my goals. I have cleaned stalls for years, trailered my horse daily and dragged, watered my arena. I understand pasture management. I can braid, trim pull manes,wrap legs and clean tack. I am not a good body clipper. I need practice. I have groomed for people at dressage shows. I am not a kid and I'm very responsible/ trustworthy. I get along with people from all walks of life and am a very hard worker. I am very handy and have rehabbed houses, been a licensed electrician and can fix things like broken fences and water pipes. I am ready to make a drastic lifestyle change and start doing something I enjoy. thank you. Iam working on having a video made and should have one next week. Darcy Parsons 702-429-3311 darcy.parson@gmail.com

Jul. 21, 2011, 06:06 PM
I recommend sending some professionals a brief email asking if they're accepting working students, that is probably the way you're going to get the quickest and easiest response. best of luck!