View Full Version : Crank cavesson part of tongue and mouth problem, not teeth or bit

Dutch Lovin' Dressage Rider
Jul. 20, 2011, 08:04 PM
Big thanks to Linda at Glisan St Saddlery for suggesting padding and ring on crank cavesson combined with double bridle were causing my horse to have mouth issues. Looked at and discussed recent usdf connection controversial over. Pic of horse with poor fitting double.

Where thick noseband padding ends and rings for chin strap of cavesson begins can squish fleshy cheeks into teeth making horse react. Switched back to my plain old padded Stubben cavesson seen on background pic of my youtube and horse is much happier! Thank you again Linda!

We will see how it goes at Devonwood this weekend.

Anyone want to buy a bunch of crank cavessons in all different sizes and colors? :-)