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Jul. 20, 2011, 03:01 PM
..anyone own this? 3032E 32 hp 4WD Hydro transmission. It includes a 305 loader, 5' box blade, 5' rotary cutter, canopy top, post how digger and a 16' trailer with ramps. It sounds like a great deal .. but just wanted to know if anyone else had this tractor. My only concern is if it is big/strong enough for our farm .. 26 acres. Package price seems very reasonable.

Jul. 20, 2011, 09:56 PM
A lot will depend on what exactly you use the tractor for on your farm.

I have a 33 hp New Holland...it's got enough horse power (and more) for everything I do here. And even the stuff I only do once in a blue moon. (like removing annoying trees, lifting huge rocks, etc) Had no issues with it this past winter despite using it to move 5 feet of snow all winter long and to demolish enormous drifts from multiple plowing so I had room to plow more snow. I yanked a 20' tree right out of the ground with it no problem. I've lifted/rolled/shoved 1000+ lb rocks with it.

I also have a JD 2320, 23 hp. Smaller tractor. Just got it and am getting used to what it can and can't do. I can tell already there's a lot it can't do that the NH 33 hp can. I was playing in the woods with it (figuring it out) and little saplings I could normally just run over and shove right out of the ground with the FEL of the NH stopped the JD. But I could turn it around and grab it from behind and pull it out. It also hauled a roughly 800 lb branch down my driveway and over some rough woods no problem.

I can't auger holes around here easily, too many rocks. But I've heard many people say that a PTO driven auger doesn;t work all that great on hard ground anyway and a hydraulic one works a lot better. (post pounder is best IMO, if possible)

I don't have a backhoe for either one. Couldn't justify the $9k+ price for the NH one for that tractor since I wouldn't have tons of need for one really. May eventually look into the smaller one for the JD.

If I had larger acreage that was heavily farmed instead of just a small horse property, I'd never have boought the 2320. If I had really big acreage that was *really* farmed, the NH 33hp would also be too small I think for stuff like a baler or tilling acreages of ground, etc. But for mowing and chores and bush-hogging stuff that's not really hugely gnarly, that size should be awesome. It's a lotta power. It's not industrial/commerical power but if you're not planning on putting in septic systems and foundations with it weekly and not using it to bale mad-acres of hay, etc, it should be more than big enough I'd think. (I'm no tractor guru though) I really haven't run into anything here that the tc33da couldn't do in the 6.5 years or so I've had it. As a matter of fact, I have a few contractor friends who borrow it from time to time for much bigger jobs than I ever do, they love that tractor. Fits in a lot of places, easier to transport and can do some pretty decent stuff. I only got the smaller one because my property has lots of heavy woods and really steep slopes that the taller/wider tc33da can't fit in/handle. Plus it doesn't fit in my barn.

Getting a trailer and those attachments sounds like a nice package though! :yes: If the price is right and you're not doing anything massive-heavy duty then I'd jump on one like that. It's a nice tractor, I have a friend with the exact same one and I also test drove one when I was shopping a couple months ago. It was a tad too big in size (not hp) for a second tractor, being the same size as the one I already had. And my tractor that size has been awesome.