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Jul. 14, 2011, 02:20 PM
Better known as Clown Town

Why is Charlestown?

1. violating the Horsmens 1st Amendment Rights by virtually gagging them from speaking up or out againt or questioning anything the track operations deems fit?
Everyday is make a new...unannounced...rule change day.

2. Why when a reporter showed up asking horseman how they felt about the attempt to change ruling and go to season racing were horseman on the backside not interviewed?

3. Why is Charlestown being permitted much in the way Penn did to persecute and systematically force the smaller horseman out?

Seriously the sport is in enough financial jeopardy, and the trickle down to feed, farrier, backside workers, Vets, and the locale economey are all impacted when
1. You shorted the meet.
2. With already 200...yeah go count them 200 +- empty stalls on the backside how much more of a Ghost town is there?
3. Seriously CT, seriously what big name outfits plan to invade you sleepy Berg? How many elite trainers w/ strings of big stakes and allowance horses want to stable there. The track is a Bullring.
It serves a pupose and has a niche, so why not enhance that niche.

Your state breeders program is excellant and with shortened days you will drive the small breeder out shred the program and destroy the bigger breeding farms. This again directly impacts the local economey.
You actually single handedly could be the single destruction of that area.

With a plan to consistently drive the horseman away, except for a handful of "choosen few" you shorten the fields to prove a point and get less days. Oh yeah bigger purses, but then no body to race.
Seriously CT not everyone with a small string is an uneducated Beer drinking RedNeck who doesn't pay their bills.
Not every small timer is running broken down track trash.
Your wanna be elitest attitude is going to break not only the small horseman, but the State Breeders Program, the peripheral economey and make housing dry up, stores closes down..
The Casino alone does not drive Charelstown and Ranson and other smaller out lying towns.

Why are afraid to let the Horseman have a Voice...

Why not be inovative and actually listen to them for a change, let them help in making the rulings...oh wait I'm sorry that would mean we live in a Democracy....

Jul. 26, 2011, 09:27 AM
Judy, my theory is that the mob runs Charles Town lock, stock and barrel. They are not the mob of old Italian families like it used to be who liked race horses and would not cotton to drugs or prostitutes. These guys do not want horse racing. That is the whole reason the place has been "Hollywood Casinoized". The track area shrunk, the grandstand is nasty, the food area has not been modernized, everything else has had multiple millions of dollars spent on it.

They grudgingly built new barns because they had to at the time. Now that gambling (hedge funds and derivatives banks are still able to speculate at random with other people's money and get bailouts and discount windows at the Federal Reserve) and there is not regulation preventing that, the dirty money has been winning. I have been working to pass HR 1489 "Return to Prudent Banking", the so called Glass-Steagall Act so that this nation survives and the criminals are either put behind bars or they swallow their gambling debts and they are not passed on to the US population through hideous austerity cuts.

That is all.

By the way, it is Charles Town, WVa, not Charlestown, named after George Washington's brother Charles. I am sure George is reeling is in grave at the money changers in the banking industry.

Jul. 26, 2011, 10:41 AM
WV to spilt a hair....the sad truth is the ones who care are scared to voice and those who don't just plain don't....

Jul. 26, 2011, 10:48 AM
Very true, there is a real need for a courageous voice to stand up for the horsemen and women but then they risk their stalls, their licenses, well you know the drill.

Jul. 26, 2011, 11:01 AM
Nice stealth off-topic political post, Calamber.