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Jun. 22, 2011, 08:59 PM

I am looking for suggestions for a dressage instructor in the Madison area that travels. I don't have a dressage background (am a western convert) and am looking for a good instructor to help me make the transition.

I don't have the ability to transport my mare right now.

Suggestions for thoughtful, insightful instructors in the area?

Jun. 23, 2011, 10:33 AM
Hi Starrunner.

I'm in Madison, first question, how far to travel?

There are some really good clinicians that come to the Madison "area" regularly including Maryal Barnett and Janet Foy. KT Berry also comes regularly to a few of the barns each week.

Janet is here in Belleville this weekend. Maryal was here last weekend.

For instructors you might check out the listings on the WDCTA website: http://www.wdcta.org/index.php/buysell/instructor-listing

Many of them travel or are around Madison. Jayne Ayers is only a little over an hour from Madison (towards Milwaukee) and she has school horses.

Jun. 23, 2011, 11:25 AM
Received my answer :)

Jun. 23, 2011, 11:51 AM
There are several in the area S of Madison. If you have questions about anyone you come up with, PM me. ;)

Jun. 23, 2011, 12:18 PM

I had Megan McIsaac come in to give me and my horse a couple of lessons when I boarded in Belleville. I liked her. She gave me some interesting and useful tools to use, but I cannot comment on lessoning with her long term. She does clinics in the area as well.

Jun. 23, 2011, 01:56 PM
I highly recommend Tracey Dikkers, who I have taken lessons from for the past several years. I also know several people who are very happy with Kate Van Sicklen, and I've watched her teach a few times. Both are in the WDCTA instructor listing at http://www.wdcta.org/index.php/buysell/instructor-listing and I think either of them would probably be suitable for your purposes.