View Full Version : Brokerage fees importing from US to Canada...who do you use??

Jun. 22, 2011, 02:56 PM
Here's the scenario:
I have a horse that's being imported up to Canada (westcoast) next weekend from WA state. When talking with my hauler he figured the costs would be no more than $80 for the paperwork + the HST costs. So I contact the broker he suggested and they told me to go online and plug in info on their system. Turns out their brokerage fees are almost $260 :( Totally taken by surprise. So I've contacted my hauler and told him what it is (haven't heard back yet) but I'm just wondering what anyone else has done-he did say we could try the whole 'the horse is coming up for training' thing but if they find out it's a sale, it could go badly at the border.

Anyhoo, who do you use?? What's been your experience?? I haven't imported a horse since 06 and I didn't do any of the paperwork.

Thanx :))