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Jun. 21, 2011, 06:27 PM
being from new england, i've come to love the mild summer weather, but dread the harsh winters. one day i hope to own my own small training/breeding facility, specializing in eventing, and have looked into major horse "hotspots" around the country, but none seem to be generally good "year-round" spots, including aiken/ocala, great for winters but summers it's too hot and not enough competitions, and area 1 & 2 still have winter to deal with... anyone have a positive experience living around the Carmel Valley in CA? know the DiGrazias are near there, not sure about other big name eventers, just any pros of the area as well as cons and the typical eventing scene there... many thanks in advance!!!

Fancy That
Jun. 21, 2011, 07:40 PM
My husband and in-laws are all Carmel Valley peeps. It IS gorgeous down there. Really beautiful area.......hopefully the Monterey Bay Equestrian Center project will break ground so that there is a nice facility in the area.

The whole Monterey Bay area really is nice (weather wise) year round. It's a little slim on horse facilities for Eventing, specifically.

I also heard Gilroy Gaits in Hollister/Gilroy might eventually have a XC course. They currently are set up nicely for H/J and dressage. I know Gina Miles has done clinics there.

There are tons of places in CA that are beautiful 'year round' - just depends on what you need from a community/facilities/venues perspective and how much you can afford.

The Peninsula is a real hotspot, closer to SF Bay... (Woodside, Portola Valley)

I wouldn't consider Carmel Valley a hotspot for Eventing at all. It's a little remote, too.

Jun. 22, 2011, 09:02 AM
Also, that area is EXPENSIVE. I mean REALLY expensive. My mom lives there and can only rent because her 800k house budget wouldn't get her a house 'that my dog would live in'.
And the water people control the whole county. Water is at a premium in that area. Like friend's of my mom's want to upgrade their bathroom to include 2 sinks and they have to wait a really long time for the water board to approve it. The water people control the population there. That's why you see so much open gorgeous land. Yes, it would be absolutely ideal to live and ride there but very cost prohibitive.

Jun. 22, 2011, 12:20 PM
thanks to lisa B and fancy that... regarding the bay area comments, what would you say were the more affordable/more eventing oriented areas? Thanks! OP