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Jun. 19, 2011, 06:47 AM
Hi there I was looking for Judy de winter here phone number on the internet and bump in to the
Chronicle forum
I was flabbergasted about all the nasty things people write about Judy
I called Judy that she had to look at this forum called Judy the winter and read it
I know in the horse world there is a lot of talking and gossip
I do not know why ?
I do not want to know.
I have my own stable in the Netherlands
We work sometimes with Judy that is why I know here ; as a person and in business .
We never had any problems with here or with here horses .
This is no gossip but honesty.
Of course anything can happen with a horse it's an animal and there must be always somebody to blame for, people pointing fingers
Why ? I don't know .
All horses are vetted by vets and nobody can look true them .
I do not want to provoke any comment.
I only want to say that all horses are vetted by vets who are recognized by The Royal Dutch society for Veterinary Medicine that is the professional organization of horse Veterinarians in the Netherlands .
It is no guarantee the horse will and stay 100% okay .
Anything can happen .
If horses are not happy or they have a bad rider they will go sometimes lame ore if riders do not have enough experience with dressage riding they start rearing and riders fall off , or they have a wrong size saddle.
Believe me I have seen it with my own eyes .
Maybe there is no click between horse and rider but pointing fingers openly on a forum and not knowing what is going on is terrible and not honest .
You can't get an objective conclusion of story's in this Chronicle forum or in any other forums ; you don't know the person; you don't know the horses; and you don't know the riders, owners or the whole story.

The threat is closed and we good not react on the original threat called Judy de Winter it is so unfair
that's why we have made a new one called "Dressage horses Versus People"
We want to make a point here; and every realistic thinking person will understands this ...........

Have fun with riding horses .
They are so sensitive and feel everything but so sweet to let us sit on their backs.
Go and take care of them it is so good for our minds to be with them we forget all the shit we are inn .
So why ??


Jun. 19, 2011, 04:46 PM
Mods alerted!

Jun. 19, 2011, 05:10 PM
Basic rule for life:

If one person says you're bad to work with, ignore it. If two people say you're bad to work with, start wondering. If three people say it, you really might want to re-examine a few things. That thread is how old and you want to defend yourself now? The point you've made isn't the point you wanted to make.

Obvious troll is obvious...

Jun. 19, 2011, 07:44 PM
I saw a bit of mob mentality in that attack of Judy. I know of four horses bought through her. Three were exactly what they were supposed to be. One of them started with a mouth opening problem....very likely due to new rider, who knows. Judy actually bought the horse back. I was impressed.

Judy de winter Dressage
Jun. 24, 2011, 01:48 PM
This is Judy de Winter from the Netherlands.
Someone told me to take a look at this forum and see what has been written down.
So I did and can only say that most people who have their story written down I do not know and also have no idea who they are.
I am happy there are nice comments about my horses and the ones I have sold .
I must honestly say that I am very dissapointed to see the effect of those people who have bad things to say and not use their own names.
Anyone who wants can say whatever they like and most things are untrue.
Even the one who uses her own name fabienne Megroz is not telling the truth. In fact this lady lost her lawsuit against me and even owes me still a lot of money. I wished that all things being said were First being found out by an official wether these things are true or not because now I have the feeling that this bad talking not only is untrue but also gives people who read it bad ideas and that is a pitty.
I sell dressage horses at all levels and am working hard every day to have a sound organisation with high quality dressagehorses to sell all over the World.
There are many people satisfied and I almost wonder if it is better to ask them to write a nice story to defeat the few bad stories.
As there are many good stories to tell. I work with people like Michael Poulin, Steffen Peters, Sue Halasz and many more professionals who search dressagehorses for their clients. I also work with FEI judges.
In the end we all want to have a nice horse to work with and have fun.

I really hope people appreciate the fact that I am giving a reaction and under my own name. I wished more people would just use their own name as it makes everything so much more respectable and gives me a chance to even speak with the ones who are unhappy.

I think I am easy to reach as I advertise with my website and email adress . So why in the World people do not contact me themselves instead of gossiping under a false name?? This makes everything quit unbelievable and for me hard to digest as I have no idea why this is going on.
What I don't understand is why a respectable Horse magazine like the Chronicle of the Horses aloud this gossip on their forum .

I wish you all the best and hope we can continue this forum in a healthy way!!

Judy de Winter