View Full Version : Fitting an Elastic Hunting Breasplate?

Jun. 12, 2011, 05:52 PM
I searched around past threads but haven't been able to find anything on these elastic breastplates....

I recently ordered this: http://www.nunnfiner.com/Nunn-Finer-Hunting-Breastplate-with-Elastic-p/83.htm

When fitting an elastic breastplate - how taut should it be across the shoulders? I assume since it is elastic it should fit a little tighter than a leather breastplate. Does the fit in the photo look about right?

Then looking at the bottom - If I can put an upright fist or a touch more inbetween the leather and his chest (in front of the girth) does that sound correct?

I ordered a horse size for my stout QH - but it seems really big. I'll have to play around with it a little. I haven't evented (or used a breastplate!) in about 8 years so my memory is a little fuzzy on fitting them. I don't want to restrict any movement - but I'm looking forward to having the security of a breastplate for my saddle and an "oh sh*t strap" when I get jumped out of the tack. Oh, the joys of riding a rabbit!!

Thanks for your help! :)

Jun. 12, 2011, 06:31 PM
I have that one-- I have it adjusted the way I would a plain one-- I can comfortably fit four fingers between it and the horse if I stick my hand under it. My horse is a 16.1 TB with a big shoulder, really built like a tank, and the buckles on the sides are on one of the middle holes, maybe the 3rd down, but I had to punch several holes in the part under his belly and then use electrical tape as the keeper wasn't enough to keep from having a big loop. They are sized a bit oddly. I also have the horse sized running attachment and it runs huge--I managed to punch and extra hole in it and then cut off a lot of the excess, since there is no way I would want to ride a horse big enough to wear it the way it came!

You might want to try a neckstrap--I find that the breastplate is a bit far back to grab (although I absolutely can and have in an emergency!)

Jun. 12, 2011, 09:00 PM
Cool - thanks for the tips! I think you're right about the sizing, it seems like the piece that connects to the girth is WAY too long. I may have to take it into a saddler to get it shortened. It is on the smallest holes and still comes back 6"+ past the girth. I'm hesitant to order a smaller size as he's big in the shoulders and I don't think a cob would fit!

I have a neck strap that I use from time to time - it has saved my butt more than once! :)