View Full Version : what to wear showing on the line?

Jun. 6, 2011, 03:42 PM
hey all!

okay, showing my broodmare in the other than TB hunter broodmare class at Upperville this weekend. This is my first time handling, I know ill be against pros like Oliver Brown, Mike Rowe, etc. but i want to show my girl! I just dont know what the best thing is to wear. ive found youtube videos of breeding classes at Devon and some women wore a nice button down with slacks while others were wearing a blazer or pant suit and/or a fancy-ish hat. As of now i have nice khaki slacks and a blue button down. i was told to wear my nice paddock boots. Should i wear a blazer? i have a nice tweed/plaid patterned one. should i wear a hat?

i am just not familiar with the appropriate attire here, and i definitely do not want to be blatantly obvious that I am an amateur handler.