View Full Version : What to add to sand to improve outdoor arena footing?

Second Fiddle Farm
Jun. 5, 2011, 08:29 PM
I am having some repairs done to my outdoor and hope to improve the footing while equipment is here. My arena has a rolled bluestone base and about 1 inch of washed concrete sand as footing. The sand was adequate at first but has gotten thin in spots over time. The contractor is suggesting adding an inch of bluestone to the existing sand and mixing/leveling the footing. He thinks that the bluestone will improve the conditions and provide more cover over the base without risking too deep sand. I am considering the possibility of adding less bluestone and a bit of something else (rubber?) to give the footing more cushion. This arena is currently used for dressage only. I have heard horror stories about rubber migrating in outdoors, definitely don't want that happening. I also do NOT want to wind up with too deep footing. If any folks could suggest a good ratio for sand/rubber/bluestone and could share any caveats I should look out for, that would be great. Also want to mention that we have limited watering capacity and can't afford to spend the kids' college funds on footing :)