View Full Version : Stockbridge program?

Jun. 5, 2011, 01:11 PM
Does anyone have any experience with the Stockbridge program at UMASS? They have an Equine Industries major that looks like a fairly good starting point for a career. I did a search but couldn't find anything.

Here is a link to to the curriculum so people can comment on how well this distribution of courses would prepare someone to run a lesson barn or be an instructor/trainer for beginning hunt seat students.


Thanks for your input!

Jun. 6, 2011, 10:34 AM
I'd also love PMs from people who have had not so good experiences with the program.

Has anyone hired someone who went through this program? I'd like to know about their knowledge. I would hope that at least someone on this bb has had a student as an intern before (I guess if no one has that probably says something about the program). I was curious about if the school helped place you in an appropriate and productive internship that would set you up with some connections for later.

I'm currently at a liberal arts college, and since I've been here, I realized that I'm not happy doing anything except being at the barn. I think I'd be happiest being a trainer/instructor for beginning riders at my own farm, but I understand it would take time to get to that point and I'd probably need to try to get a job as an instructor at another facility for a bit or do some other job (probably more than one) in order to establish the capital to start my own business.

I know that equine degree programs aren't considered to be worth much. However, the reason I'm considering the Stockbridge program is that I feel like in order for me to get a working student position I need to improve my knowledge of horse care. Having the two years of this program would allow me to improve my riding with my current amazing trainer. From what I've seen, most ws positions expect you to be comfortable at 3'. Right how I'm on the lower end of between 2' and 2'6". Would you or a program you know of (hypothetically of course) take a college grad who has ridden for around 12 years, has very good basics on the flat, is very solid at a low height (perhaps hasn't had access to horses who could go higher), and is willing to work work work and learn (and yes, I would include mucking and long hard days to be part of the learning process).

Should I give up the dream now? :cry: Any words of wisdom from someone who has btdt? Is a program like Stockbridge (also open to other suggestions) then a working student position the way to go? I'd really appreciate any input.