View Full Version : Hampton Bay Industrial Ceiling Fan... Are Switches a Fire Hazard?

Rio Wild
Jun. 3, 2011, 04:32 PM
I have four Hampton Bay Industrial 60" Ceiling Fans in my barn. They were each professionally installed (and inspected) with the four speed wall switch that came with them. These fans are controlled by a voltage divider in the switch and not multiple sets of windings in the fan itself. My barn was NEW the beginning of last September so the fans haven't been used much until recently. I smelled a hot electrical type odor coming from the switch area so I investigated the issue further. I removed the switch plate cover and could tell that the area was warm. I removed the switches and discovered that a resistor in one of the switches had heated up to the point that it burned up the resistor, melted the solder out of the through holes, and melted a section of the circuit board! Now, this could have been caused by poor soldering by the manufacturer, or some other manufacturing defect, but needless to say it was VERY worrisome to me. I replaced the variable speed switches with simple on/off switches. Anyway, just a heads up to other Hampton Bay fan owners.