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May. 25, 2011, 03:53 PM
On June 10-12 2011 the Old Dominion will host it's fourth event at our permanent
camp site in Orkney Springs, Virginia. Each year we are learning more about
the trails of the Great North Mountain area and how to improve our vet checks
for the riders. We have found a new route to the "Water tower" which eliminates
a steep eroded climb and another trail has been relocated to move the riders out
of a low lying wet section of trail. We are adding additional water tanks along
the mountain top to shorten the "waterless" sections of trails and we now have
permission to use a fire hydrant at the Bird Haven vet check so we will not run
short of water for the VC tanks again.

This year the meals will all be held in camp in a large event tent with meals
again provided by the local Volunteer Fire Department. We listened to rider
feedback and we are working hard to fix everything that we can to make this
years ride better than ever. The Old Dominion ride will continue to grow, change
and improve every year.

One of our biggest challenges is recruiting volunteers for this huge
ride. The Old Dominion 100 has six vet checks, one Gate & Go and the
finish line, all of which must be staffed with volunteers. The 55 and 25
mile rides utilize some of the same vet checks and the finish vetting. The 100
mile ride uses these same vet checks and several more. We use 12-16
veterinarians every year and provide a volunteer scribe for every vet. We have
horse ambulance drivers to transport horses back to camp and hospitality
volunteers to drive food out to the volunteers at the vet checks. We have
volunteers who transport water out to troughs set up along the rail and at the
vet checks. We never have a surplus of

Vickie Croney is the volunteer coordinator this year and I offered to get the
word out about the ride and our need for volunteers. We need your help. I'm
asking every person I can reach to either volunteer or bring us volunteers. Are
you riding?
Have crew members? Loan us one of your crew as a volunteer. Are you riding the
25 mile ride? After you finish your ride and have taken care of your horse get
up and go back out as a volunteer. Have a couple of teenagers who don't want to
hang out with the parents? We can use them and they'll have a blast. Our best
source of volunteers is a friend asking a friend to come to the ride. We need
people willing to help and pay back or pay forward so this sport will continue.
Without volunteers these rides can't exist.

Right now I have lots of types of jobs to fill. No experience necessary!
Will train and feed you! Free bunk houses provided for volunteers, bring
your own bedding. Showers and flush toilets are included! Camping is
free. All the food you can eat with hot meals delivered to you at the
vet checks and the Sunday Awards brunch. Please email me directly if you have
questions or are ready to commit to a fun, hard, weekend.

Bonnie Snodgrass
Old Dominion BOD member
chicamuxen at hughes dot net...

Vickie Croney
vlcroney at aol dot com..