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May. 25, 2011, 11:57 AM
If the forecast is for nothing but stormy weather, would you go to the show anyways? How do you decide when to go or when to scratch? It will be my 5 year old's first show, so I really want it to be a good experience for him. He's very level headed, so I think he will be fine if we get rained on a little or if the footing is less than perfect. I am not sure how he will be if it REALLY storms. At home, when the hail hits the barn roof it makes an awful noise and he just quivers, it's the only thing that I've seen really upset him. I will be hauling myself with a two horse bumper pull, and a little drizzle doesn't worry me but strong wind and hail does! I think I am actually more worried about hauling in bad weather than about being at the show in bad weather. And I can only imagine the noise hail would make in a trailer! But a stormy forecast can just as easily end up an overcast day with occasional rain. The show is a 40 min haul in good weather, if that makes a difference. How do you decide?

Big Spender
May. 25, 2011, 12:49 PM
That is a tough call. I certainly don't like riding in the rain at home (I only have an outdoor ring). I used to event, so we would run in all kinds of weather. I went to a show a few weeks ago that had rain in the forecast. I also knew they had an indoor for warm-up, so worst case scenario would be a good warm-up, good footing, etc...and maybe have to scratch..or suck it up and just get wet!

Huge downpour on the drive there, but the cell was moving out about the time I was tacking up. Decided to warm-up outside, even though there were puddles. Wore a water resistant jacket over my show clothes and waited to put on my gloves. Decided on the white gloves, which I don't wear that often, because I knew the black ones would bleed on my white breeches. Took the jacket off and put my gloves on to continue my warm-up, because it wasn't raining. 10 minutes later...downpour!!! We were soaked :mad:

My horse was a little frazzled by the rain on him, but I figured if nothing else, it would be a good experience to ride in all of that, since we have had good luck for the last 4 years and never ridden in rain :D Overall it was what it was. Breeches, gloves and saddle pad washed well. Helmet got cleaned! I oiled my saddle and bridle. Horse dried and he was pretty good in the ring (got our 2nd qualifying score). My trailer is still gross inside, because we have had nothing but rain since then, so it hasn't dried very well.

I certainly wouldn't be interested in riding in lightning and thunder or hail, but I guess the rain wasn't too bad. You can always scratch once you get there and decide it might not be the best day. Good luck.

May. 25, 2011, 01:05 PM
Rain is one thing; I think horses need to learn that they can (and should) work in less than perfect weather.

But for a greenie at his first show, I probably wouldn't take him in the ring in a downpour. That seems a bit harsh! :winkgrin:

Thunder/lightning is a no-go for me for any outdoor activities. One near-miss is quite enough for me, thanks. :yes:

May. 25, 2011, 02:38 PM
Here's a question: if you're at a show and a thunderstorm moves in, where are the safest places for you and your horse? I got caught in a T-storm once -- luckily it did not go right over the show grounds -- and ended up putting my horse in the trailer, after she snugged up right close to me and trembled. She's not a cuddler, so this is not normal behavior for her.