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May. 24, 2011, 11:07 AM
I was just observing my cross ties the other day and wondered the "right" way to put them on.

I personally have the panic snap near the ring, not near the horse's face. I figured in a "panic" situation, I didn't want to be near a horse's face - I'd rather have to release it from the top, as far away from the animal as I could be.

I'm sure this is a personal thing, but which way are yours?

May. 24, 2011, 11:10 AM
Was just thinking that again last night as I hooked Buzzie up. I think they should be at the post/wall so you can reach them. If a horse is in a panic you couldn't reach the face likely!

May. 24, 2011, 11:11 AM
This was juuuuuust done... still on the first page of posts: http://www.chronofhorse.com/forum/showthread.php?t=305255

May. 24, 2011, 11:15 AM
I vote for your way. :yes:

I had a mare who started to panic in a concrete wash rack. I was able to release the snap at the ring, without putting myself in danger.

If you have the breakaway snaps attached at the halter, I would have the other snap end attached to hay string on the tie ring, which will break away if a horse panics (as per U S Pony Club).

May. 24, 2011, 11:18 AM
Oh, wow! Didn't see the other thread, sorry!

Crazy - great minds think alike, I guess!

Can I delete this??