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May. 19, 2011, 11:11 AM
I am sure this will be an unpopular opinion, but I do not understand the allure of outdoor cats. A barn cat is understandable, but this is different. Specifically, why would my tenant in the garage apartment I'm leasing to her think it is ok to let her cat run wild outdoors? I explained to her before she moved in that the property (53 acres) was under a wildlife management plan, including all birds. My ad for the apartment specified "one indoor pet" so I assumed she would abide by that.

She is offended that I do not want her cat outdoors unattended. If she had a child that liked to kill birds, small mammals, and reptiles, would that be ok? I enjoy the cottontails, squirrels, lizards, and birds outside my window -- yesterday I saw a painted bunting pair. How can someone profess to "love animals" as she does, and have such a disrespect for the natural world? Sorry for the rant, but what is the rationale here? She says her Very Special Cat is a "lover not a fighter".

May. 19, 2011, 11:58 AM
Tenant is an idiot.
Has she considered her "lover" may become an appetizer for something larger like a coon or coyote?
Or if not killed outright, severely injured.
And if the little dear eats a bunny, it will end up with tapeworms.
I hope she is treating for fleas, or she could risk an infestation in your property that is a real nuisance to clear up.

Since she is a tenant, does the lease specify indoor pet only?
If not you are SOL until the lease expires & you can choose not to offer to renew (giving her 30 days notice of intent).
Or you can shoot the cat if it is menacing wildlife.

BTW: you do realize barncats do not limit their kills to the barn?
My little 5# Verminator has brought home a boatload of bunnies & bunny parts. Along with (inedible) sparrow wings & various vermin guts.

May. 19, 2011, 03:43 PM
I think the OP's mention of barn cats sort of implied that they would be doing their part to remove wildlife IN the barn, which most of us would agree is unwelcome wildlife. :D As opposed to one that doesn't even provide that little bit of an up-side.

May. 19, 2011, 04:15 PM
OP- In your case you specified indoor only so she should abide by that.

For me 5 of my 6 cats are indoor/outdoor since they all figured out how to use the dog door. Of that one was living on the city streets producing litters of kittens before I got her. She stresses if she is too confined. But she in now spayed.

Two I have taken because they were indoor only kitties that were peeing and/or pooping in inappropiate places in the house. The owners tried everything but did not live where being able to allow kitty out was a possibility. Both cats go outdoors an don't mess in my house. One of those two I got in November. Not exactly the best time of year to try to transition him to be a barn cat after 5 years as in indoor only kitty.
Not all cats are suitable for indoor only cats.
Yes, I have to do the Frontline thing and I deworm for tapes on a regular basis.
However, likely those three cats would have been euthanized if they could not live as indoor/outdoor kitties at my house.
I did have one cat disappear. However she was another one that was messing in her former owners rental condo and she was declawed. She started after they declawed her at age 1. She lived an extra year and was happy.

May. 20, 2011, 12:09 AM
We have house cats, and we have barn cats, and we have one old lady that is an indoor-outdoor cat, (I think I let her back in the house like 3 times today! I swear, everytime I came back to the house from outside, she was waiting at the door. I was like, "Didn't I just let you back in?" ??? Lol. Apparently just couldn't make up her mind!

I don't understand the appeal of outdoor only cats either, unless they are "barn" or "shop" cats, but what I *really* don't understand is the people that live in town, that let their cats out. You see dead kitties on the side of the highway through town and you don't think "huh, that could happen to my cat"??The cats I see crossing the street in town, the cats that walk through our parking lot at night where I work, (there's a trailerpark and apartments nearby). Do those people really not like their cats? Or just not care at all? Last year I brought a stray home, we picked her up at the Cub Foods grocery store at 2am when we were on break. She was following some guy who was walking, meowing at him- I asked "Is that your cat?" and he said "NO! It's been following me for blocks!". Scooped her up and brought her home after work.... posted a "found cat" ad, watched for "lost cat" ads, she'd have been easily identifiable, she was very pretty, b/w and odd-eyed (one blue one green, very striking!). She now has a good home in Iowa, she was a sweet kitty. :)

May. 20, 2011, 12:44 AM
I don't understand it either. My neighbor has a whole cluster of outdoor cats. I finally had enough when one of them climbed into an open car window of a guest's car in my driveway -- and took a dump. So I politely asked if he could keep his pets on his property. He rationalized it by saying they're "barn" cats and therefore must roam. Or sometimes he'd claim they weren't his cats at all - he just feeds them and lets them breed on his property.

For your tenant: just lay down the law. If the cat is hers, she must keep it indoors & take responsibility for it. She can whine all she wants, but the lease said "one indoor pet" so she can have one INDOOR pet.