View Full Version : intentional community vs planned equine development

May. 18, 2011, 10:28 AM
i know there are a bunch of planned equine communties but that's too organised for me.
i am fascinated though by intentional community, and have a tiny one here in my home already, which is working very well, and making me optomistic for the future.
what i want to know is if anyone here is living this way, and how it works, what doesn't work, etc.

in my case i care for a couple of mildly disabled guys who love animals.
they love all the cats, dogs, hens and horses and the agency is thrilled that they get to live on a farm.
i have an apartment for which i barter services, and thus have an tenant/assistant/great friend who makes this lifestyle very easy and fun.

she and her dogs live rent/utility free and join us for most family meals, helps out with scheduling and holes in the schedule with the guys, and takes care of the family pets. she has a flock of hens, a big garden and as another perk for her she has free access to her fave pony and we ride togther and camp togther as often as the schedules allow.
we provide cable, wifi, parking, plowing, garbage removal,laundry, etc. she has no expenses other than her car and dogs and cell phone and personal stuff.

she's very happy with the arrangement, which allows her to work part time and have plenty of free time. finding a place to rent with two big dogs was not easy or affordable, this way she has her own small apt but is living on a farm property which she loves.

i'm loving it because she helps out so much when dh and i are gone (he's chronically ill) to hospital, etc.
we've become great friends, which is even better.

we hope to enlarge our living situation someday by buying a huge old farmhouse and having a couple of more disabled folks, with another helper or two.
we know we need someone who is a knowledgable and reliable handyman, as well as a housecleaner, since none of us are good at those jobs. my dh is a great cook and bottle washer, but no longer physically able to do farm work.

we already know that the personalities involved are the most important factor, and we're thinking and planning very carefully for the future.

anyone else have a 'group' type endeavor which is working out for them? if so, would you mind telling us how and why it works and what makes it happen for you?