View Full Version : Help! What (if anything) fits like a wintec (medium-wide)?

May. 17, 2011, 08:54 PM
I have tried around 25 saddles and had 3 semi-customs made (the wait 3 months kind that the saddler is sure will fit if they mismatch enough of the different demo's features :dead:) Then yesterday, pick up a $500 wintec from the local tack store and measure him with there tricked out gullet guide ;). The saddle fits PERFECT Absolutely hands down the best fit I've ever seen on this horse. For the first time in 9 years of owning this horse I can sit and extended trot (or heck a lengthening even) without the back of the saddle flying up 2"+.

But, I felt like a beginner learning to post! The stirrup bar is 2-3" inches too far forward, causing an extreme chair seat. Who can sit well like that?? When I move my leg back properly the stirrups are about 60 degree angle to the ground :eek: I would also like a deeper seat, but that's just getting picky!

This horse has a flat back (from behind the withers and backward) and side to side. He has a prominent "type B" wither (substantial depression on either side) that tapers slowly (long wither). When in work he has a very flat back to even a significant roach at times depending on the level of collection. It is magnified by his very short back (he is a jumper bred dutch gelding). He also has BIG shoulders that interfere with many saddles. Saddles commonly slide forward on him at all gaits despite being a considerably uphill horse (literally and in movement). I do use a autonomic girth (although it was too short with the wintec and it didn't move with a straight girth... go figure). Most every saddle sits pommel high due to his medium sized wither/no rise in the back combination.

Aggh... what do I do??? I have to stay under 3,500-4,000 so no fully custom.

May. 17, 2011, 11:24 PM
Which model is it? Most of the newer Wintec Models have a recessed stirrup bar (newer Pro, Isabell, etc). You might try one of those models.

May. 18, 2011, 12:11 AM
Not sure of the model but it was only $500. It did clearly have a recessed stirrup bar. However, that does nothing for the forward placement which is my problem. I have this problem in many saddles because of my long femur placing my center of balance further back than most are intended to accommodate. I often do best in saddles that are known to be a good fit for the male population.

May. 18, 2011, 12:39 AM
Not sure of the model but it was only $500.

Check with the shop - there will be a code on the saddle tag that will identify the saddle if they contact the distributor - this should provide information about the tree & whether it's available in a Bates version of the saddle, where there's a possibility that the stirrup bar may be positioned differently or available with an adjustable stirrup bar.

List saddles you've tried & what the fit issue was, especially the semi-customs, in order to get more useful suggestions of which saddles to consider.

Have you looked at Albion, Verhan, County?
The Trumbull Mtn site makes it sound as if you could get a substantially customized saddle for under 3K ...

Of course you may've tried all the companies I've suggested already ... OTOH a customized saddle is only as good as the rep that measures the horse so that is another consideration.

May. 18, 2011, 09:20 AM
Bates and Collegiates are made by the same company that makes the Wintecs. I'm willing to bet that their trees are all constructed the same too.

May. 18, 2011, 09:35 AM
I have ridden in the Wintec 500 for 5 years. The AP and dressage.
I bought an Albion a few weeks ago, and what a differance! The wintec does pitch you forward, its awkward at best.
I HATE the cair. Can't get a good positiion in the stupid saddle, I might unload mine once I get a fitter out to adjust the Albion.

mzm farm
May. 18, 2011, 10:44 AM
My hard to fit horse went through 7 saddles, before I finally found one for her. Turned out to be a wintec! The older style, no cair, no fancy gullets. I feel your pain :)

Have you tried riding in the saddle without stirrups so you can put your leg as you would like it? Is it still comfortable for you?
Perhaps you have to "fake" using the stirrups until a better fit for you is found?

May. 18, 2011, 11:26 AM
Bates and Collegiates are made by the same company that makes the Wintecs. I'm willing to bet that their trees are all constructed the same too.

Nope :lol:
you can find some within the group that should have similar fitting trees but there have been alot of posts about newer model Wintecs etc fitting very differently than older production saddles.

May. 18, 2011, 12:05 PM
We may be able to help you identify the Wintec you have if you can give more info about it... at $500 I would guess it's either a new-ish Wintec 500 or a Pro. The 500 is made of a vinyl-like material and has a flatter seat and IME has the stirrup bars too far forward and encourages a chair seat. The Pro is the same fake-suede material as the Isabell, but the older ones have a flatter seat than the Isabell, the newer ones look very different but I'd be a little surprised to find one at that price at a tack shop. If you like the CAIR and the gullet system, you may want to try the Isabell, it definitely has the stirrup bars positioned further back than many saddles, almost too far back unless you have loose, flexible hips and ride with a long stirrup.

A bit of a shot in the dark here, but the way you describe your horse's back and withers sounds like my young horse, and after going through the same saddle fit troubles, I ended up with a Collegiate Levanto that I just love! It has shorter panels that work well on his shorter back, and I went with the medium tree but it seems to run narrower than an average med, so you may need the wide. The panels are foam and flocking, which gives a lovely feel in the saddle, and the seat seems very well balanced. The saddle seems to fit the hollows on the sides of the withers without pinching the shoulders, which I think is the part I couldn't quite get to work on other saddles. The best part was finally getting my horse's approval :)

May. 18, 2011, 12:18 PM
Try the Bates Caprilli. Same tree as the Wintec Pro but the stirrup bars are positioned further back.

Also good to try - Thorowgood/Kent and Masters/Fairfax.

May. 18, 2011, 03:53 PM
Its stirrup bar is also farther back than that of the Wintec Pro - I ride greenies in the Wintec for its superior stickability, but the trade-off is some chair seat. Not so with the Caprilli. The only potential consideration for you is that the seat isn't deep and the flap isn't the greatest for someone with a long femur. I am in that camp and it is workable but not ideal terms of flap shape/length - with my leg comfortably placed my knee wants to poke a bit in front of the flap. I don't think they have any long or forward flap options, unfortunately. I keep meaning to shine it up and take it to the consignment shop for this reason, but somehow can never quite bear to part with it because I find it very comfy. Mine is a 17.5" if you are interested! :~)

May. 18, 2011, 04:00 PM
One more thought for you: Bates Innova. I had one for a short period a few months ago, and thought it fit my horses pretty much exactly the same as the Wintec Pro and Bates Caprilli. Also the seat is deeper than either of those saddles. It didn't work for me because the extended blocks pushed me to the back of the saddle, but I would still like to try the standard-block version one day.

May. 18, 2011, 05:06 PM
The newer Wintecs all fit like the bates and adjustable collegiates. The older wintecs do not, so it would be best to determine which model the wintec you picked up is as the like said previously, new vs. old wintecs fit different builds of horse. If your horse has the flat, no curve back, your horse should go nicely in the above saddles.

May. 18, 2011, 09:19 PM
I'm trying out the new Wintec Isabell at the moment on a horse I'm having trouble fitting and I have to say I do like how it rides and he's going really, REALLY well in it.

May. 23, 2011, 05:45 AM
I have the Collegiate convertable dressage, and I swear it's a leather wintec pro. I also have a Bates caprilli dressage for the other mare...similar but def not the same. Bar placings ok for me, but we're all different.