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May. 11, 2011, 12:35 AM
So what's the going day rate for boarding track lay-ups? I'm considering taking on a few as I have a couple of extra stalls, and would like to be in the ballpark. Do most farms charge one rate for horses on turn-out, and another for those on stall rest and/or needing high-maintenance care?

May. 11, 2011, 01:16 PM
Well, your set costs are your set costs of operation and any board would be based on the total operational costs divided by the number of stalls/pasture occupants and vary wildly by area.

The first thing you need to do is find out of there is a demand for track lay ups in your area.

I have one now in a retiree/lay up facilty catering to both show and race horses as well as foaling situations. I pay about the same as any basic board facility offering stalls and adequate turn out. No pasture only boarding though.

Everybody pays the same except a foal watch/newborn care add on. No extra charge for sitting up with a sickie, routine meds provided by owner or bandaging.

But this is bluegrass country with an active race and show horse population. Other areas are different. make sure there is a need where you are.

May. 12, 2011, 12:11 AM
There's no shortage of lay-up possibilities here, thanks -- I'm in the Toronto area and there's Thoroughbred racing at Woodbine, Quarter Horse racing at Ajax Downs, and Standardbred racing at Mohawk, Woodbine, Flamboro, Grand River, Kawartha (and those are just the closest tracks). I've dealt with all three breeds in the past ... just would like to establish an appropriate day rate, since track lay-ups are usually billed that way. I know lay-up facilities usually charge more than a basic boarding/show barn would, with the expectation that there will be some specialized care (hand-walking, bandage changing, frequent vet visits, etc).

May. 12, 2011, 01:43 AM
Here in the states, it's the trainers who decide where a horse goes for lay up. You also have medical and non-medical lay up. In a nutshell, if the trainer likes the horse he gets back after lay up, you'll do well. If he doesn't, you won't see him again - or anyone he knows. The facility a friend worked at years ago charged $25 a day for non-medical lay ups and they were turning horses away. I have no idea what is charged today or in Canada. If you want to know what is being charged in your area, contact local large farms and find out what they charge and what services are included. I will tell you that you can't just turn a race horse out to pasture - he must be let down first. Basically, you'll keep the horse on the same daily routine as it was when it was in training, but without the training. Trainers don't want to get their horses back fat, out of shape, lazy and ungroomed. They want them in good condition, looking good, well rested and ready to be put back into training.

May. 12, 2011, 09:30 AM
I pay around $16 a day for basic services. Barn is nice but basic, nothing fancy, there is an outdoor arena almost nobody uses outside of some rehabs. Grooming, blanketing and turn out, farrier and vet schedualing and rotational worming are included. Hot water in barn...but no potty.

Place is usually full with a waiting list, owned and operated by a veteran vet tech and it is sort of by invitation only-word of mouth keeps it that way.

I did price a few other facilities, most not as nice, and they ran from about $20 a day to about $25 a day. Fancy show barns with fancy facilities around here are about $30 a day for full service. This is a very horsey, both race and show, but not particularly high priced area-it's alot more near bigger, more metropolitan areas.

May. 13, 2011, 12:04 PM
It also depends on what services you can offer.

High end farms w/ Equisizers or pools get $35.00 day on up. Trainers look for this, and otther services like, access to Cold Lasers, Aqua-treadmills, thermal Therapy, Shock wave, etc. The shorter the stay and quicker to return to racing.

Basic day rate w/ no frills just some hand walking let down bandage change and turn-out is around $25.00

It highly competive business and most trainers seem to try and keep the horses under their day rate and not so much farm lay-off.
Lay-up board is a "Day Rate" and billed after the fact not upfront. You will also potentially be covering the farrier bills but not Vets. Do not be suprised if there is a 60 day wait before recieveing your check. Make certain you bill the owner directly and not the trainer.
In this depressed economey be very careful and word you billing agreement and Hold Harmless to effect if a horse gets abandoned for bill.
While it has not happened to me personally there are enough people doing lay-ups who have had this happen.
Make sure the Legally responsible party for horse signs any agreements and you have the correct billing address/fax#/ and contact #'s.
The days of phone call, hand shake or "on someones word" have long passed by.
Once you have stablished a good relationship w/ a trainer you can relax a bit.
Good luck its good $$ if you can get the work.
Also a plus is to have a real stallion safe paddock with quality fencing independent on no shared fence lines and a small pony companion. Frequently colts need a place and not everyone will take colts.
Round pen w/ all weather well drained footing or small transition sized paddock are all plusses.