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May. 9, 2011, 05:00 PM
I am a student at St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas. My mother owns a boarding and training facility just outside of Austin in Dripping Springs (www.gallopingspringsranch.com) I am seeking a schoolmaster, for competition or just to keep fit, for me to learn on. I have never been fortunate enough to ride a horse that knew above second or third level consistently. The few times I managed to sit on one that knew changes, half pass, etc, were lovely and burned memories into my riding "tool box" for the next time I sat on another horse. However, these experiences were few and far between and I'm looking to really advance my knowledge and perfect my timing. The horses I currently ride are great and very intelligent, but are lower level horses who don't always answer to the correct aids, making it more difficult to learn when I am correct. The mare I'm sponsored with is fourteen and schooling second level after a lot of work to get her back in shape and correcting flaws in her basics.

My mother is a great trainer and has really helped me along, but there are some things that this mare may not be able to do that I would like to learn, particularly because I over the past two years I saved up and bought my first warmblood, a colt by Sinatra Song. He is now three and we are starting him, and though he's wonderful and easy he expects me to do every thing correctly. (he's sort of a baby genius, which scares me a little for when we reach the upper levels). I would really appreciate advice or maybe a connection to someone with a horse. I do have large ambitions for the competition arena, but am a little shy saying so because I haven't been able to keep up with everyone else in the show ring. Suggestions are welcomed and I promise if I did get to ride a schoolmaster, even just for a short while, it would make me the happiest girl on Earth. I know that sounds a little lame, but we're talking dreams here and those are hard things to achieve, especially in this economy.

As I mentioned, I'm not necessarily asking for a gift or sponsorship, though that would be fantastic, I'm mostly interested in something I can ride for someone or someone who has a horse they will let me learn on that is not on the other side of Texas... Otherwise I would be knocking on Whit Watkin's door.

Due to school and my horses I can't get away to go be a working student at this time, though I'm counting the days until I can. I work two jobs, ride at least five days a week and am a full time student, so I promise I'm dedicated and if you're interested in helping me with my quest, so to speak, I'm happy to skype with you or talk on the phone. Just send me an email.

Thanks ya'll, I really appreciate you reading to the bottom of this message. :winkgrin: