View Full Version : Can I get all this crap in a 32x36 shed?

May. 7, 2011, 02:45 PM
I'm thinking about putting up a machine shed later this year because I'm tired of looking at and moving equipment to mow. What I was thinking is putting a 12' door in the middle of one gable end, and 10' or 12' doors on either side of the other gable end so I have access to the back corners. It'll have 12' sidewalls. When I look at that amount of space inside my current barn, it looks like plenty if I put doors in the right places for easy access.

Here's the list of stuff that I can think of- disc mower and square baler definitely need to be under cover. I would like the hay rake, bush hog and bale spears under cover as well. Other crap that's used rarely- post hole digger, grader box, 3-pt hitch fertilizer spreader(the big cone type). It would be nice to park the newer (70hp MF) tractor inside, too, but that's not a must.

I'm a little constrained by space because of where I want to put it. I could go 36' wide, but that's some big-ass trusses that aren't really easy to set (I rented a sky-trac to set my 36' barn trusses on 12' walls). I'm trying to keep costs reasonable and still have enough space. I know bigger is better, but I'm trying to stay in the $5000 range.

May. 7, 2011, 06:58 PM
Do you a front load bucket? If so get so pallet forks for it the buy some used warehouse pallet racks... a lot of the seldom used equipment could be stored up on pallets

or get a hydraulic lift to store a big thing... it would also come in handy for repairing farm equipment and oil changes

May. 8, 2011, 12:38 PM
Your best bet would be to make a line the size of barn, with doors the size and placement you figure is best. A line of powdered lime is very visible, cheap and changable fast.

Then you hitch up the tractor and try putting those tools inside the lines thru the door holes. Cones at the door edges could be more helpful, get knocked over if you cut too close, which in real life means you took out the door frame!!

Not sure what size equipment you have, tractor turn radius, because those things can affect how easily parking inside will work for you. However it will show you what WON'T work as you try to get them in the holes. Sometimes things will work if you do them in a certain order, but then you have to TOTALLY remove them in order to get the first one!!

An idea for you, is doors on all sides. We see a lot of machine sheds with the double front door, then there is a corner door on the sidewall, beside that front door side so you can come in from the side across the double door and use the front corners. Easily fit machine into corners tightly, NO fiddling about to park or remove, straight shot in or out. Same thing on the back opposite corner. These are usually wide sliders, use the same amount of metal you would have put on the wall anyway. Just have to pay extra for the slider hardware and inside door latches.

Anyway, big white lines on the ground is an idea for trying out. Cheap for sure! But taking the time to ACTUALLY drive your machines and try fitting them into space could be enlightening, prevent making costly mistakes. I have done the paper layouts, but with machines instead of furniture, sometimes those turn radius' will fool you into thinking the plan will work. In real life you scream or curse because it just won't fit that way.

Congrats on a new shed, you will love having things neatly stored out of the weather!

May. 8, 2011, 02:29 PM
Just wanted to say Horsepoor has a great idea. We have a 24 x 60 shop and it ends up being used as two 24 x 24 spaces in front of the gable end doors and then the middle gets full of *stuff*, lots of time being wasted shuffling equipment and *stuff* around.

The biggest equipment storage sheds I've seen are generally a giant narrow run in type structure so every item is parked in it from the long side and no need to shuffle anything - does require quite a bit of room in the maneuvering area outside, and it isn't anything more than a shelter rather than a secure, possibly heated space.

May. 8, 2011, 02:46 PM
is this one of those puzzles where you try and figure out how many clowns fit in a volkswagon?

All I can say is once you build your shed to fit everything, you are sure to find one essential piece of equipment you must have...and it won't fit.

That is how we've ended up with 4 sheds at our place...and we need a bigger one again.

May. 8, 2011, 08:48 PM
Goodhors- what a good idea. Like DUH, why didn't I think of that???

I can definitely do doors on both gable ends, one side will attach to a small existing garage, so nothing but a man door there. The other side will be the front toward the road, and besides I'd rather not put doors where I can't see them, there's a couple of trees that I really want to leave in place. I like the ease of use of a long narrow structure with side access, but I can't think of where to put one without it being "ugly".

Industrial shelves are definitely on the "want" list, but they really need to be anchored to concrete- which isn't in the budget anytime soon.