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Apr. 30, 2011, 03:40 PM
My dressage arena is Permaflex and I would love to add GGT later on, but for now my main issue is the round pen. Because the sides are slanted but solid and everyone mainly loose lunges in there, the sides get very compacted and build up a slope. Because both my 3 point harrow and regular drag both tend to stay toward the inside of the circle (picture tractor doing haunches in all the way round) the only way to keep it uncompacted and level is by hand - my hand that is... tiresome.
Will GGT keep a loose lunged horse "on top" of the footing making it displace less in the round pen and would you have good traction for the occassional scoot and buck? We are super dry most times so I have to water every day sometimes twice, wouldn't that get cut down? Or would my water usage climb because it is more essential to keep GGT mix damp? Tried the Arena Moist/ Water Sorb route but didn't find it to really reduce watering needs nor dust and didn't like how it would rise to the top in the middle of the roundpen where I stand, hence like standing on jello. TIA

Jul. 4, 2011, 05:48 PM
I do have a GGT round pen - 60 foot diameter, crushed rock base, 8-plus inches of sand, plus GGT GEO felt. Love, love LOVE It! Both horses and I stay on top, even when weather is sloppy wet like our springtime had been, it's easy on the legs (and my knees) and it's deep enough that they can't punch through to the base, regardless of how energetic the woo-hoo activity gets :) Traction is superb - no slipping and sliding, very good surface. I had my favorite local arena guy do it for me - super job, super results
The pic of mine is midway down the page.

The thing is, a horse's hooves displace ANYTHING to the outside when they are pushing hard on a circle, so ring maintenance has to address this, whether on a round pen or an arena surface (the corners need to be pulled in regularly). One good way to do this is to use either the loader bucket (if you have one) on your tractor, or your 3-point arena groomer to pull the footing material back toward the center of the pen. Just drop the edge of the bucket (or the drag) close to your footer board, then pull back to center, change spots and repeat all the way around the fence. It's a little tedious, but not nearly as much as hand raking :) If done a couple times a month it will keep things in better shape.