View Full Version : Building a dry lot / sacrifice pen

Apr. 20, 2011, 02:46 PM
I am anxious to get started on my dry lot / sacrifice pen(s), and I was hoping some folks here could lend some advice and suggestions. The area I have in mind is long / narrow (approx. 60'x300' but irregularly shaped). While not very steep, it does have sort of a ripple in the landscape and is not completely flat. Currently, that area is grass. I would prefer not to just have a mud pit, and thinking of doing some type of pea gravel or stone dust footing. Can this be a DIY project, or do I really need a grader to come in to do the footing? I'm also planning to build my arena soon. One the one hand, I'll have a grader coming in already. On the other, I'd rather not make the grader's bill a whole lot larger! In fact, it may be entirely cost prohibitive to have him do the sacrifice pen, considering how much the arena is going to cost.

So now onto my million questions...

Has anyone does this as a DIY project, or should I really let the grader do it? Will I need to make the area level (or near level) to make the footing work? I assume I will need to at the very least compact down the dirt (red clay). I am guessing I will need an additional base, too, like compacted stone?

Any other suggestions are also welcome. I know I have read several threads on sacrifice pens, but I am not sure I recall seeing anything about spaces this large... I may be wrong on that, though!

Thanks in advance. :)