View Full Version : Electric Fence Chargers--what's the best?

Apr. 17, 2011, 11:50 AM
Hi all,

I have a small field--about 1ac--that is in desperate need of fence repairs, but I can't afford to redo right now...it's in post and rail and was quoted well over 1K to redo...so I'm looking for alternative fencing ideas for the meantime and figured electric fence made the most sense. I've never had electric fence on the farm before but certainly like that it's portable so I can section off the field and make use of the sections of wood fence that are still sound.

Because I'm looking for portable--I'm thinking I need either a solar charger or a DC charger that I can hook up to a battery. Beyond that--I'm at a loss as to which brands are best and within my budget. I'm hoping to spend less than $150 on a charger, and would prefer to spend half that if I could!

Also--what strength do I need to keep the horses in? They've not known electric fence--but they don't generally test the fence, except for the pasture puff that is desperate for the green grass just on the other side of the fenceline :)

I'm hoping to be able to find something suitable at Tractor Supply so I can purchase it and get it installed ASAP so I don't have to mow that field :) Thanks!