View Full Version : Dressage vs Jumping Saddle?

Apr. 11, 2011, 08:42 PM
I rode in my jump saddle for the first time since November. I've been riding in my dressage saddle all winter because it is a better fit for my horse than the jump saddle (not that the jump saddle is a bad fit, but the dressage fits like a custom) or bareback.

What I noticed after 6 months out of the jump saddle is I can't put my whole leg on my horse. 6 months of riding in my dressage saddle and my leg seems to wrap so nicely along my horse's side, and I do not have the same feeling in my jump saddle at all. In the jump saddle I feel like my lower leg is in contact, but the upper is not.

Why? My first thought was that it is because of shorter stirrups, or maybe a wider twist in the jump saddle. Would that make a difference?

Dressage saddle is KN Symphonie and the jump is a very old Stubben Scandica MF.

Ayone else experience this? Do I need to get a different saddle? Or do I just need to figure out how to ride in my jump saddle again? I love my dressage saddle, but want to jump again, now that the footing is good!!!!