View Full Version : For those that trail ride with their Toddlers...

Apr. 11, 2011, 05:52 PM
Where do you find GOOD saddles for kids that will actually fit their wide backed ponies? Maybe i have the only 2.5yr old on the planet that actually goes out trail riding with me an hour a day... But i've tried 3 kid saddles, 2 being called "mini" saddles to fit your minis... HA... They do NOT fit wide enough! They perch on top his back and then roll. If i were doing leadline around the yard, that might be one thing, but i need the thing to be comfy for the pony and stay put!

I've been looking at just getting him a regular english lead line saddle, but it doesnt seem to offer much in the way of security, but then it would be treeless and should fit the rolly polly pony... The pony is also my driving pony, so he's fit, it's not really a matter of a too fat pony, just really wide backed.

Right now, i've been rigging my abetta buddy saddle to use as a saddle, but it wants to slip a bit and when i got off to fix it last, i yanked out some of the stitching... :no: I tried sewing rings onto it to hook a breast collar to it, but it's too thick for my machine and i cant hardly get a needle threw it to try by hand.

I've even looked at some kid size aussie saddles, but cant find one smaller than a 14" with fleece panels and not serged. The serged wont smash in wide enough for the pony.


Apr. 12, 2011, 12:58 PM
I have the same issue, my youngest sons' pony is a stout rolly polly 11.2 shetlandx.
In the end, I ended up getting the best result from a small western saddle (not a pony saddle -which was too narrow for him) with about a 14 inch seat.

then I added a breastplate and a crupper.
I needed a saddle that would stay put during LD & endurance riding. A string girth, or a mohair girth helped also, I've found they have less slide then leather or anytype of neoprene ones.

Apr. 28, 2011, 01:36 PM
I got my first pony at 2.5 and was trail riding once I learned to steer and stop. I had a little English saddle that I assume was wide enough for the fat little pony I had then. The biggest thing I needed was a crupper because going down hills he would drop his head, the saddle would slide right over his withers and over his head I would go!

But.. back to the real topic! You might try finding a little English saddle that is wool flocked and have it re flocked to increase the width of the saddle. You can probably find an old second hand one fairly cheaply! Add a breast plate and crupper as needed and it should stay (some what) in place.