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Apr. 10, 2011, 11:59 AM
I am looking for a jumping saddle for my fairly wide mare.

From previous experience I know it is going to be hard to fit both her and me.

In my search I keep getting recommendations for Stubbens but any that I have tried, while most are comfy for me, all-even the 32cm's seem quite small on her.

Are Stubbens sized smaller or just fit smaller than some/many of the other brands?


Apr. 10, 2011, 12:17 PM
My TB, who's generally a MW, fits well in his 31cm Stubben. Actually, it was the only saddle that fit both him and me (that I could afford, anyway). I do think they tend to run a little narrow, as I found a 32cm one that would have worked for him in a pinch. Their website says that they come in XW, though.


Good luck with your saddle search (from another hard to fit rider and horse combo)!

Apr. 10, 2011, 03:18 PM
E-mail Buddy Baird at Stubben NA and he can help you figure something out. Atlanta Saddlery is also having a used and sales rep demo sale going on in partnership with Stubben. They have some fantastic prices!

Apr. 11, 2011, 01:34 PM

Apr. 11, 2011, 01:39 PM
Definitely talk to Buddy! He knows his stuff. If your saddle shop is not a Stubben dealer, he can find the closest one to you and send a fitting saddle out to them for you to try.

I will say however that Stubbens are very unforgiving. A horse that takes a 30 Stubben does not take a 29 or 31. They have long points which can make fitting problematic for mutton withered and heavy shouldered horses.

Apr. 11, 2011, 01:46 PM
Stubben does run a bit on the narrow side esp for the more modern tb's who are built more like warmbloods. I had a 31 cm camelot ( there cc saddle)
and it fit my mare as a youngster but by the time she was 6 or so it was a really bad fit because she'd broadened out so much.

I'm not sure what your price range is but I saw that Toulouse is making
an adjustable tree saddle they call the 'genesis' tree. It looked really cool in the
video on farmhousetack.com's website. no plates to change, just a little pen to turn the mechanism to make it wider or more narrow hidden in a pocket between the panels under the saddle. I think they have introduced it in their
Annice saddle - which is supposedly they're Antares knock off?
The price seemed pretty reasonable for the quality and design. but not sure off the top of my head what it was.

Oddly the dam of the mare mentioned above wore a 31 in the siegfried with no problem. It sounds stupid but i may depend on the model of stubben you are looking at? I swear the siegfried seemed wider than the camelot.

Prestige also uses the CM system for tree sizing and there 'regular' tree is a 33, seems confusing how once company says 33cm is a regular tree while another says 31 is a reg tree. Thats a big difference IMO - and arent all tree widths measured the same?

Just a thought, good luck with your search!

Apr. 11, 2011, 02:00 PM
I talked with Bubby and he told me that the xwide stubben is actually built on a hoop tree, now he wouldn't call it that but he described the A frame then said the xwide was built more like a U.

Is a Roxanne only suitable for lower jumping, what about eventing?

thank you

Apr. 11, 2011, 02:05 PM
I think that is one thing that makes saddle fitting so confusing is the saddle makers don't measure the saddles all the same.

Yes, I think the Stubben do have longer points. The 32 perched on top of my mare.

Apr. 11, 2011, 02:13 PM
I think the roxxanne is there one of there all purpose no? do you know what flap it has? vs vsd etc? i think one is more forward and one is a long forward style?
I got the impression ( way back when i was shopping for that siegfried a while back ) that the roxanne was a deep seated j umping saddle you could do xc in but had a 'dressage' tendancy with the long flap?

I would think the stubben NA website would be WICKED informative about the differences.

Apr. 11, 2011, 07:49 PM
The Roxanne is marketed as a jumping saddle. Many foxhunters swear by it, so you could easily event in it.

I would be personally wary of a 'hoop' tree only because the points go straight down, unlike the inverted V of a regular tree.

IIRC Stubben used to have something they called a 'warmblood' tree. Which was just a 32 with some of the padding removed. I never had one fit really well.