View Full Version : Renting a Dressage Saddle? (cross listing, dressage)

Apr. 6, 2011, 10:39 PM
Feel free to skip my boring story of why I need this if you're in a rush and are interested in answering the actual question involved =]

So, my current saddle is a Schleese, which has the SaddleFit4Life stuff to it, and therefore the tree, flocking, almost everything as far as horse fit, can be modified by their special machine that measures and adjusts it to fit exactly. Until this Spring, my main and highest level mount(Zoom) is a big withered sway backed barrel belly; so with my saddle fit to him, it really doesnt fit anyone else right. I have been using it on my other horse, who is now my main horse since poor Zoomer is on turnout to recover from an injury, and it fits ok with padding, but she decided this weekend that she was fed up with it. She's always been super sensitive, but has definitely been more reactive to palpation for the last few weeks, and to the point that we stratched after dressage and stadium at our event. Point of story, I do not want to use the saddle on her anymore, padding or not, if it's making her this uncomfortable, until I can get it fitted. I had emailed the fitters weeks ago, before it was to this point but they cannot be out until Summer!! Ugh! And riding dressage at our level in my jump saddle just sounds like borderline torture.

SO, I find that I am in need of a saddle that properly fits myself and my mare for a few months. Does anyone know a service, dealer, or tack shop that rents quality saddles for a not completely exhorbitant price for this kind of period of time??

Apr. 7, 2011, 09:52 AM

Depending how long you will have it, you might consider buying something inexpensive used and then just reselling when you finish.