View Full Version : Oh, the Irony of it...

Apr. 5, 2011, 12:10 PM
Sometimes, you just have to laugh.

Its pouring today as this cold front goes through, and I thought once again of my last trip down to the little farmette with our goofy goosey gelding.

Its about his 4th? visit...I know he's getting used to the layout, etc. And, of course, each time its hard on him, as staying over anywhere new is, but mostly because he's almost always 'alone' there. (Rarely does a friend haul down /stay with him)

This past visit was going SO nicely (!) beautiful weather, and I just loved walking out the door and there he was. I thought...its getting easier for him!

Then, we had some nasty weather blow in...I went out, and thought: its so nice to have my own little barn to bring him in !

S I G H. the non insulated tin roofs just scare him to death once the rain drops start...I had a rearing (low roofs to boot) frothing frantic horse....of course, I tried to just let him settle and 'deal'...but it wasn't gonna happen. So, out he goes...and immediately stops and drops his head in the almost hail type of drilling downpour...lightening strikes dancing everywhere.

I sat snug in the barn (and attached run in, that he also wouldn't come near) watching him, and realizing: So, this is how its going to be. Nasty stormy weather : horse is out.

:sadsmile: No..he won't 'get used to it', either. He's a 1997 model...and has always done this. New barns, old barns, horse shows...etc. Grant it, the 'lower' roof doesn't help....

just so funny that when I'd WANT to bring him in, and have his stall be 'his friend', its just not gonna work that way.

He's so 'speshul' :no: