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Savoy 8
Apr. 5, 2011, 10:40 AM
Just found out I got into the college of my choice (luckily in my town) and I really want to concentrate on getting this school work done and getting out as soon as possible.

Is there a market for free leases still? I have a mare (just placed ad on free to good home forum) that I would like to free lease so she can continue her training, and get into the show ring. I have been doing this college thing for a while and I have finally realized and matured enough to realize the importance of getting this done and done right.

Anyway she has potential in either the hunter or jumper ring, though my trainer seems to think she more of a hunter. She is still growing and is about 15.2+ right now. Very refined, cute mover with a great jump. Doing changes and jumping 2'6 to 2'9 courses. Has been off the farm, and handles it great, just needs more ring time, she likes to talk to the other horses, but continues to do her job while conversating :).

Are free leases something people are looking more towards with the economy?

Thanks for your help.

Apr. 5, 2011, 03:30 PM
We currently have two horses in the barn on free lease for two of my students. I think the free leases are a good way to go in this economy because people who can't afford their horses right now have a way to get out from under the expense while still retaining ownership and people who can afford the monthly expenses associated with owning a horse but can't afford the large chunk of money up front can both find a compromise. One of my students now owns a horse that we free leased for a year and a half. The owner had hoped to be able to take the horse back when they got their feet on the ground again and that the horse would be farther along in training and show experience when they did. Unfortunately for them, fortunately for us, getting their feet back on the ground was more difficult than they'd hoped and we ended up getting a good deal on purchasing the horse. The former owner still gets to see him and follow him on social networking, my student got a nice little green horse that is turning into a nice 3' horse, and everyone is pretty happy.

Apr. 5, 2011, 03:43 PM
yes, and no. Yes if horse is more of a "made" type, no if horse is green and needs training/mileage. Its hard to justify the expense and time training a greenie, jsut to hand it back to the owner after a year or so.

Apr. 5, 2011, 03:57 PM
My lease was a lesson reject. She had become a very naughty lesson pony. The lease I was riding was bred and I had a couple choices of mounts and was also told "Well you can always ride Bloom". Well she was so darn cute and built really well so I started riding her. A year later we are showing at rated shows and having tons of fun. She has given up most of her naughty ways and I have a mount that I am pretty much the only rider.
My point being some people just love to ride and would love to have something they could consistently ride and bring along. Yes the already made horse is fun but it has been rewarding for me to bring along the naughty pony.

Apr. 5, 2011, 04:05 PM
Ditto to the above poster. I'm a college student also and am also free leasing (well half leasing) and it has worked out very well for both the owner and I. The horse is by no means made but I like working with green horses and enjoy seeing them come along. I think it really just depends on your area/your barn. There are quite a few people at my current barn that are free leasing so it seems to be a pretty popular option right now. I also live in a college town which may have something to do with it.

Apr. 6, 2011, 12:54 AM
yes, and no. Yes if horse is more of a "made" type, no if horse is green and needs training/mileage. Its hard to justify the expense and time training a greenie, jsut to hand it back to the owner after a year or so.

Ime a lot of people are looking for just this; they want something they can bring along themselves and be proud of, without the expense owning the horse would require. I've had greenies leased at various times, as well as horses with tons of experience but who are not fully versed in competition/a specific discipline. Different people seek different things and many are perfectly fine with returning the horse at the end of the day, even after all the hard work of bringing that horse along. Imo there is definitely a market for free leases and it can work out very well for both owner and lessee.

OP, I've got several on free lease right now and have had more in the past: benefits me (the horse is used, the expenses are minimal), the horses (who have progressed competitively), and the riders/lessees (who are learning tons) :)