View Full Version : Electric fence review

Apr. 4, 2011, 03:07 PM
I just got done putting up some electric fence and thought I would share what products I used since it was the first time I've ever done it and it's working great. I started with just a welded wire fence since I needed to keep goats and horses in and it was a nightmare. I didn't have the money to also buy the electric fencing at that time and the horses attacked from the top and the goats could rip it up from the bottom quite easily leaving me with a mess.

So for the electric the hardest part was getting the grounding installed correctly. I chose the Parker McCrory Deluxe Field solar charger from ValleyVet. I also bought the ground rod kit from them and the instructions were relatively easy to follow although pounding posts into the ground has got to be the best ab workout ever. I also bought a lightning arrestor, but there were no instructions so that has been a bust until I figure out how that goes.

I went with the Horseguard traditional 1.5" tape and also bought the starter kit which got me everything else I needed to get set up. Every time I thought oh crap I'm going to have to go to Lowes and get a part, I just had to stop and go through my starter kit and everything really was there. I really couldn't believe how easy the horseguard installed. It took me maybe an hour to do 130'. The horses trained themselves very quickly. It was actually kind of satisfying after watching them methodically destroy the old fence to have my goofball horse walk up expecting to rip down all this fun new tape to play with only to have him learn a lesson that the fence isn't to be destroyed anymore. Haven't done the bottom string of fence yet so I can't say how it works on the goats yet.

Total cost without the posts is probably around $500 including the charger, grounding, and enough to run 2 strands of tape.

Today is the first real test in storms as we had a monster line up of thunderstorms today. I am hoping that it's all still installed when I get home from work.

Also wondered about when I am out by the fence I can hear the electricity zipping back and forth across the fence, can you get too much electricity going through?