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Apr. 3, 2011, 07:20 PM
Unfortunately, in all the moves I have made in the past few years, my beloved field boots were lost. Luckily they were not an incredibly expensive pair, but they were broken in and therefore priceless.

With the promise of riding lessons in the near future (being put off only until my first paycheck arrives and I can find scheduling compatibility), I have been searching high and low for another pair and have become increasingly frustrated.

Yesterday I dragged my Mom to Dover determined to bring home a pair. I tried on 2 pairs of Ariats, and had tried on a few others on my last visit. It was determined that proper fit is going to be a size 8 or 8.5 regular calf, tall height. I had only budgeted $200 for boots, and the ones I tried (I believe they were the Heritage Select) were about $75 above what I wanted to pay. The associate assured me that many other brands also offer "tall height" selections and encouraged me to look online at their site. I had already been perusing online for about 2 weeks, have spent a good number of hours today searching, and have had a hard time finding any boots that offer a tall height that are under $250.

I'm sure that it is possible to find a pair of used boots in this size for a lesser price but that will take patience, luck, and trust that the boots are actually a "tall" size- too often it seems that some get confused by thinking all tall boots are categorized as "tall," so this makes me wary of purchasing from Ebay, Amazon and other personal sellers.

Are my expectations too high? Should I just give in and find an extra $100 to put into them? Do any of you know of any other brands that offer tall heights (I've found some that offer a tall in slim only, but when I check the actual measurements they aren't really tall enough- plus, even though I technically could get zipped into the slims, it was not a pleasant experience)? Any general advice is appreciated, and if I do end up having to put the extra money in, I'd like recommendations on what boots to purchase. Thanks!

Apr. 3, 2011, 07:36 PM
I have a similar but I guess opposite problem - I need short height for my tiny little legs. Ariat is the only brand (aside from customs) I've found that offers the tall and short heights, but I also really think they're worth the money if you can get a good fit. I had a pair that I absolutely loved but my calves got smaller so they didn't fit anymore. I now realize I should have just had them altered, but I sold them instead. I'm now on the hunt for a new pair also and I'm pretty set on Ariats.

Also, if you can find the size that would fit you in the Ariats, you can look for that specific size in a used pair - just make sure you get an accurate height measurement from the seller to confirm they are tall. They should be able to take a picture of the size stamp (I think all Ariats have one on the inside) that will show the foot/calf size and the height. And last, the height varies a little bit with the foot size, so if a pair is still a little too short and you could stand to go up half a size, it might be tall enough.

Apr. 3, 2011, 07:42 PM
Tack of the Day has Ovation field boots for $79 through noon tomorrow. No talls, but the height is 18 5/8" which is taller than other brands.


Apr. 3, 2011, 10:29 PM
I completely understand, since most tall boots, even in a tall height, are still too short for me!

What I did was go to a tack shop, try on all the boots they had in stock, until I found the closest fit for me (price not taken into consideration - just looking for fit). I look at the size chart for the pair that fits me best, and make a note of the manufacturer's height and width measurements. I've also taken a tape measure, or borrowed one from the shop, and taken the actual measurements of the boots. I then scour ebay and tack shop sales for either the boots I liked best, or for customs made for someone else whose measurements match what I am looking for.

I have seen Monacos on sale for under $300 on Ebay, Challenges and Crownes for $150, and too many pairs of Vogels, Dehners, and Der Daus that were practically new for $200-300. If you know your measurements, finding a pair that fits in your price range is not difficult - it just takes a little patience and a lot of clicking through ads.

Apr. 3, 2011, 11:19 PM
I love a good shopping challenge:) I've had a pair of cheapy ($99 on sale or something) Ovations for six years, they're the best boots I've ever had! But it doesn't look like they come in heights anymore:no: They've been through everything and still aren't done yet, I've never had tall boots last this long.

LOVE Mountain Horse Boots! $206, and depending on calf width, come in tall

Dover has Ariat Challenge Zip's for $199

Dover: Ariat Heritage II $179

Equestrian Collections: Smoky Mountain Boots (never heard of these) $150

Now eBay:
Incredible deal for Monacos, but higher than your range:

Devon-Aires $50

Leslie's Tack Soultions: great consignment shop!
Ariat Heritage, zippers, $130, new with tags!

Okay, that's all for now. Might come back later tomorrow with more options.

Apr. 4, 2011, 06:08 AM
Take your leg measurements and look from there, don't get stuck on "tall" (because it'll vary between brands). If you find a pair you like that are a bit off, just take them to a cobbler to take them in (or put an elastic in to go wider).

Apr. 4, 2011, 11:02 AM
EBAY, consignment shops or outlets in your area are your best bet and the boots will be offered at good price.

Apr. 4, 2011, 11:31 AM
Take your leg measurements and look from there, don't get stuck on "tall" (because it'll vary between brands). If you find a pair you like that are a bit off, just take them to a cobbler to take them in (or put an elastic in to go wider).

Yes! Measure your calf at the widest part and measure the length of your leg, up the back, from floor to the back of your knee. Ignore designations of "slim/regular" or "medium/tall", because they aren't the same from manufacturer to manufacturer. If shopping retail online, compare your measurements to the size chart. If shopping Ebay and the ad doesn't already offer these measurements (many do), ask the seller to take them for you. On Ebay, check to make sure that the height measurement is taken up the back of the boot and not the side...I've found that a number of sellers take it up the side and that it will be thrown off by a Spanish top. Also, make sure the back measurement is taken from the top of the boot heel and not the floor, or they'll end up too short if you match it to your leg measurement.

With your measurements and measurements of the actual boot, you have a very good chance of finding something that fits you well.