View Full Version : If not treeless...Cashel and Tucker?

Mar. 31, 2011, 10:04 AM
If the treeless turns out not to be my cup of tea (lots of comments about hip spread, etc) I am curious about the Tucker and Cashel saddles.

I know Cashel from saddle pads, which I do not use however, but many do. I heard they are a less expensive alternative to Tucker. Does this mean less quality or comfort, for human and horse? They do look nice, as well as light weight.

Have never tried Tucker either, but they certainly are heavily marketed for comfort...

Basically I want a lightweight western saddle, with fairly traditional looks, that will be comfortable for myself (110lbs) and my horse...

I realize I may have to try a few but at least want to narrow down the search :)

Mar. 31, 2011, 10:28 AM
Tucker's aren't lightweight IMO, some of the western ones are pretty heavy.

Lightweight and decent quality: Fabtron.

tabula rashah
Mar. 31, 2011, 10:31 AM
I had a Tucker and it was super comfy! That being said, they aren't lightweight at all (I had the lightest one- the Montreal Trooper Light which weighed in around 20lbs with stirrups). Also, not sure what you ride, but I think you would having trouble fitting a lot QH or TB type bodies with the Tuckers.

Mar. 31, 2011, 10:33 AM
I hated my cashel, sold it in 3 weeks.
Loved my friends tucker it was butt heaven. It was heavy, but I felt secure and it didn't slip around.

Mar. 31, 2011, 10:34 AM
I have a 4 year old Arabian, very medium build. Low-ish withers. I do not like synthetic, I guess too many years in the show world, I like things to look as traditional as possible :)

What didn't you like about the Cashel?

Mar. 31, 2011, 10:38 AM
Regarding twist issues with Treeless saddles...there are special twist pads that can be added under the seat of some saddles. Sensation makes one called a "twist bolster" and Heather Moffet has one called a "hip saver Pad". Or, like many have done, you can me your own. There are many treeless saddles that do provide some twist. My Sensation Hybrid works well for me....where my Bandos doesn't. I did make a twist pad to go under the seat of my Bandos which did help. Some of the models have a lot of bulk on the sides. My Bandos has thick fleece under the flaps, add that to a saddle pad that is fleece lined and you've got a lot of extra thickness spreading you even further. Skito came out with a saddle pad that only has fleece under the seat, the flaps have wool felt only. This helps to diminish the bulk between you and your horse. IMO don't give up on treeless yet, there is lots of small modifications that can be made that will make a huge difference in your comfort. Of course the size and shape of your horse will affect how any treeless saddle feels to you. A saddle that feels like it provides a narrow twist on one horse may feel completely different on another horse.

Mar. 31, 2011, 11:52 AM
Circle Y Saddlery makes the Tucker Saddles. The also make HighHorse Saddles. They are WAY cheaper than the regular Circle Y or Tucker Saddles.

I just bought a HighHorse El Campo Gaited saddle. LOVE it so far. It's a western saddle, the horn, seat and jockeys are made from Circle Y leather, but the skirts and fenders are cordura. It only weighs around 20 lbs and it has the horn and tie leathers that I wanted. Also, it has a rear cinch attachment that goes through the rear skirt behind the seat, so there are 3 different rigging options for girthing up.

My guy is happy so far, and so am I. The seat is VERY generously padded (about 1.5 inches of padding), and I got the suede seat option for mine.

Out the door, I paid less than $600 for a brand spankin' new saddle. Of course, they have all leather saddles as well, but they run heavier and more $$$ for them. All I wanted was a nice comfy trail saddle for me and my TWH, so there ya go.

They also have Quarter horse treed saddles in the same basic, lightweight design.

Just my $.02

Mar. 31, 2011, 08:37 PM
I have a Tucker Cheyenne - not a "lightweight" saddle by any stretch of the imagination, but well-made and comfortable, fits my horse well, and all-around well-made piece of tack.

My boyfriend has a Tucker plantation saddle - a little lighter than mine, except that for a while he had those covered stirrups. . .ugh. . .

I will probably keep my Tucker saddle until it is no longer usable for riding.

Yeah, I like it THAT much. :)