View Full Version : Tekna saddle - show and tell!

Mar. 30, 2011, 12:29 PM
I am hoping that someone has a Tekna A4 jumping saddle that would be willing to send me a photo of Gullet, underside. I ask this because I have a wintec Pro Jump which I do love but am also interested in Tekna.

My wintec has a wide gullet, not just the front gullet opening, but the entire gullet along the saddle is nice and roomy AND it stays consistent. My 32 cm, 18" stubben starts out wide but the progressively narrows along the spine. I find this very odd and my horse does not like the stubben due to this narrowing. Gullet size, as I understand it, should stay consistent, not get narrow as it goes towards the cantle.

Thus comes my paranoia before buying a Tekna since there are non here locally that I can inspect. I would like to see the underside of the saddle to see if gullet stays a consistent width or if it narrows.

Any help would be super and feel free to pm or email me (think you can email me through COTH) if you have photos you would like to share. And the reason I am thinking about the Tekna is that I really like suede seats. Yes, I am weird but I really do like the suede.