View Full Version : ride (human) to FENCE from Columbia, SC?

Mar. 29, 2011, 01:45 PM
Hi all!

I was planning on going to Fence this weekend to watch. My friends from the north are coming down. I go to school at the University of South Carolina - Columbia.

I am wondering if I can hitch a ride with someone coming through the area... It's not really a place you would drive through on your way to FENCE, but I'm hopeful someone's coming through! I can get a friend to drive me to a gas station/rest stop off the highway.

(I would drive myself, but my little car was hit in a parking lot on Sunday by a trailer, and the repairs aren't likely to be finished by Friday.)

I have a place to stay and all that, but I would be willing to chip in on gas/buy lunch/braid horses/etc.

Thank you!

Ali Smallpage