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Mar. 27, 2011, 11:29 AM
property is TRULY a 'farmette'. I'll attach the slideshow pix link

but that can be difficult to realize sizes too, so:

'larger' paddock / pasture that is not separated is about 140 ft. x 175 ft. (first pasture approaching property before the driveway)

opposite side of driveway : has area divided/connecting into 3 portions : a'dressage' arena size that will double for turnout (70 x 200)
and a 'sacrifice area' that adjoins run in/barn 50 x 70 ) and a paddock that can be opened to that as well that is about 50 x 100

The soil has been tested, and fertilized once already last year, and we're pulling tests again. It is very (!) sandy/loamy...drains extremely well, and has almost no standing water ever.

Currently, we have a 'type' of a bermuda on it, but I consider it more of a weed type bermuda...

I will indeed be discussing the best to plant/interject with the local feed stores/extension agents, etc...but what I wanted to ask you guys is:

With this 'type' of small farmette/turnout...already 'in' a bermuda type, If you were to seed into it, say with cold season grass/and clover, etc...would you do 'all' of the property in an overseed of the same mixture of both, or would you try to create 'one' side of the driveway in one season grass, and the other in another?

I've read suggestions for either one, and wondered about the input here. Yes, the dressage arena WILL have to double as turnout, but it will of course (as all of it will have to) be maintained and rotated. Yes, a good hay storage and rotation management will be paramount. This property will house two horses at most. (or even one and one mini)

sacrifice area and hay will be used a lot, and these 'pastures' (paddocks) as you can see are going to also be 'front yard' so I can't dismiss the fact they will have to be kept
attractive, too...

thanks guys!

Mar. 27, 2011, 12:28 PM
Cant answer your question but how CUTE is that place! Is the inside of the house as cute??

Mar. 27, 2011, 12:40 PM
Shawnee: You made me smile.:)

This spot, is where my grandparents (mom's side) originally had 25 acres obtained from a family relation farm...My grandparents were born here, but their familys were from Denmark. This property is now only down to about a total of 5 acres.
My grandparents were those real hard, hard working people. This was the house they built themselves pretty much by hand, with VERY little income (!) as a couple in the 40s. Have photos of both of them digging and putting in cinderblock foundation by hand with a wheelbarrow.

My mom lived here in early high school upon its completion, and awaited my father's dates here, before their marriage on her 18th birthday. I grew up with this as 'Grandma and Grandad's' house...where the now 'pastures' were once orchards I climbed trees in...My parents, following my dad's career chose to retire here.

My daughter has grown up with this as 'her' Grandparents home, too. Mom and Dad did do re wireing and some additions, floor finishing, re siding, etc back in the mid 70s before retireing here.

Its a gorgeous 'little room' house...with so many memories, and sand painted walls with archways. the Back of the home overlooks a deep ravine with very mature trees and a wonderful fresh creek gurgling along in the woods.

Not a lot of room for horses, at all...but HOME thru and thru...and one I"ll make work with a lot of joy.

Mar. 27, 2011, 12:46 PM
What a precious place! How wonderful to have that connection to your family's history. Your DD is very fortunate!

Ridge Runner
Mar. 27, 2011, 04:48 PM
I agree..what a cute place! Very nice! It has a cozy kind of look which I really like. Our place is so open and exposed by comparison.

On the pasture, mine has both cool season and coastal stands. Right now I have some cool season grasses up but it will be another month before the coastal really kicks in. I do like the mixed stands in the same field though so I can use the pastures year round. I think most of my cool season grass is Dallisgrass and Fescue...I don't have much orchard grass if any and not that much clover. We did overseed a few years ago with some Cheyenne Bermuda and it did fairly well.