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Mar. 23, 2011, 11:39 PM
I'm not on here much so you may not recognize me. I'm on HGS as HorseMad-NoLie. I was just wondering if anyone felt up to giving feedback on my eq.

These are the most recent pictures of me and Jones over fences--taken two lessons ago. For some reason I seem to be leaning to the right a little. Does anyone have any reason/remedy for that?

Anyway... I'm sure there are lots more problems that I'm not spotting. And I know that Jones's form is, well, lacking. But he knows his job so it's all good. :)

And now--photos!

Oh, and I have one or two pictures you can look at from the flat. :)

Please, critique harshly and keeping in mind that I've been riding eight years and should probably be better at this. :rolleyes: The last picture with the loose hand is probably because I was shortening reins--I think. I do see that my right foot was too far into the stirrup and needed to be pushed farther down.

Mar. 24, 2011, 02:13 AM
You've got some pretty good basics, and a naturally soft hand. The biggest thing I'd work on is letting your weight relax into your heel instead of bracing against the stirrup, which causes you to pinch with your knees. Rather than thinking heels down, stand in 2 point and exhale, and think of your weight just softly flowing down the back of your calf through your heel. Or think toes up. Whichever works. If you brace/lock your ankle, all of your other joints up through your leg will tense, and make your ankles ineffective shock absorbers.

On corners, inhale deeply, letting your chest raise so you don't collapse your body to the inside. It works better than shoving your shoulders back which will cause tenseness through your elbows. (you can try it sitting in a chair...slump down all relaxed, then try shoving your shoulders back while holding your hands as if you were holding reins. Then mimic turning/halting and feel how stiff your elbows feel. Then slump, and try inhaling deeply, down to your diaphragm, letting your chest rise. Now try to see how it feels through your elbows, if you were holding reins and turning/halting. It's much less tense/stiff.)

Mar. 24, 2011, 11:10 AM
For time sake and since it's only photos not video - from the photos I get the following that you need to work on a bit.

Don't bring your chest down to the horses neck so much over the jump. It's a little jump try to stay in two point and when the horse jumps, follow the horses mouth with you "hand and arm" and allow your body to let the horse close the distance between you and the horses neck.

I can see you also want to let your lower leg slip back and pinch with your knees. Make sure you do a lot of two point on the flat but don't lean forward with your body.... allow the weight in your heels to sink, keeping your calf at the girth. When you do this, you will find over your jump you don't need to duck towards the horses neck as much.

Other than that, what I see is very nice. And cute horse!

Edited to add - I didn't read Jetsmoms post until after I wrote mine and it looks like we agree! :lol:

Mar. 24, 2011, 01:25 PM
:D Thanks for your input, I'll definitely try your suggestions.