View Full Version : Hunter folks WWYD with 'new' mare

Winston's Mom
Mar. 21, 2011, 05:10 PM
So I am in the process of buying back a fancy young mare I bred and sold. Her current owner had her with a top hunter rider to market for sale and the mare has been successful in pre green, and talent for 3'6 min. Won the hack at top shows a few times.
This is not a resale project. She can be quirky if she doesn't have confidence in her rider. She trusts her trainer and goes well for her so will always stay in her current barn.
So,what to do with her?
Options are
1 breed her for an upper level jumper prospect with trainer riding her a few days a week to keep her fit and happy.
2. Look for an in barn free lease situation
3 move her up from pre green and show another year to make her more marketable for paid leased, keeping in mind i would not be comfortable sending her on lease to another barn so not sure how big the pool of potential riders would be
WWYD with this girl?

Mar. 21, 2011, 05:50 PM
Why don't you ask the trainer? Since you don't want her to leave the barn, she would know best what her client base is like as far as a lease situation and what needs to happen for the mare to meet the requirements.
But why would you breed a nice hunter for a jumper prospect?

Winston's Mom
Mar. 21, 2011, 06:12 PM
Absolutely the trainer will have a lot of input in any plans for the mare.
Reason I am asking here is that we don't do hunters, and people here may have an idea of what is a marketable lease horse for hunters. The mare was bred to be an event horse but from the time she took her first breath she screamed hunter. the trainer made the switch from eventing to jumpers but has students that do hunters, jumpers, dressage and some low level eventing. This mare has scope for jumpers but things happen too fast for her in the jumper ring, doesn't want to event either, hunters and dressage is her thing. The idea of breeding her is appealing because the stallion is gelded now and would like to have something of him for the future. The foal will be a keeper and while I prefer it to be a jumper it will be put into whatever career it suits.
I only ride this girls daddy a few days a week for pleasure so baby would be trainers ride and she rides jumpers. Most will think me crazy but I like playing groom and watching my horses compete, and I too like jumpers. Held my breath every time I sent a horse out cross country and that was with an amazing xc rider so am happy with the switch to jumpers.
Hope that all makes sense.