View Full Version : Help? Bring a horse back into work

Mar. 20, 2011, 07:31 PM
So, I have begun riding a horse at my barn who is a lesson horse but she hasn't been ridden in 3 months (before I rode her this weekend). The last time she was ridden she bucked someone off or would bolt and such. She's perfect for me so the barn owner's have told me that she can be my project for 6 months with an option to buy her anytime. I REALLY enjoy riding her because she is an extremely fun ride! Just to see what she remembered i w/t/c and did small crosspoles with her this weekend but i find that ANYTHING I do going to the left is extremely challenging for her. She's almost stiff and can't turn. Going to the right however she is as perfect as can be. I suspect the problem going to the left is muscle loss (I thought it was her back but we got her chiropracted 2 weeks ago) Anyway, my question is do any of you have suggestions for getting her back into work and building up her muscle? Thanks so much ahead of time!